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Welcome to the new forum! I hope you like it! Aug 30, 2016

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Apr 16, 2020
    1. Cleo2

      I tried to log in today with my old account "Cleo" and it appears my account was deleted. Did I do something wrong? Was my account compromised?

      Please let me know.

      1. bernermom
        Oh NO.. I am really sorry. We had a huge issue with spammers a few weeks ago and my husband had to update the security for the site. Several real members got wiped out in the update. Your account wasn't compromised, just deleted in error. We have tried to restore the accounts but have not been able to. Again, I am really sorry. But by no means is it anything at all that you did wrong.
        Nov 9, 2016
    2. Klexi
      Hi Bernermom, I hope everything is ok? No news from you on the forum since a while. Something isn't right with the forum since quite a while.
      I made a call out to members to try to get this forum back on track until you are back. But once again I hope you are ok.
      1. bernermom likes this.
      2. bernermom
        Hi Klexi, everything is fine here. Thanks for asking! Sorry about all the spam. I think I have it all cleaned up and removed now. And hopefully, this won't happen again. We've taken measures to improve the spam filters so this doesn't happen again!
        Oct 29, 2016
    3. bernermom
      Welcome to the new forum! I hope you like it!
    4. alicetaylor
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    6. Cleo
      I feel like a tattle tale.... but I have to report another SPAMMER:


      GO get em'


      Thank you for all that you do!!!
    7. Cleo
      User: PacMan is a spammer. :) Just an FYI

      Peace, Cleo
    8. lililota
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    9. dillardkelly
      I have not been on this site in a while since the passing of our sweet Shelby. I am reaching out to see if you happen to hear or see anyone posting about rescue for a non-aggressive Berner I would be so grateful if you would give me heads up. WE live in GEorgia so it is hard to find a breeder near here. We found Shelby years ago in Kentucky from a family that couldn't handle her large size. We were blessed to have her. This breed is like no other. I hope you can help me out. Thank you!
    10. gattis gayle
      gattis gayle
      Hello, to everyone, we are new to posting, and to owning the most beatiful Bernese baby, we named him Memphis, but from the time we got him, we had nothing but diherra, we finally found a food, after carefully search for months, Acanna, we have not had that probelm since and wanted to post this for others who mau have encounter this same problem with there Bernese. We love this breed, so loyal. Thanks.and also 2 tsp real pumkin,
    11. Denice Hove
    12. wojo212
      Hi, I see you are one of the few people on this board that gets their dog cut down for the summer. I have my first berner and was wondering how exactly you get your dog cut so I could have an idea when talking to a groomer.
    13. didleyzip
      Hi everyone, just found this site and I am enjoying it. These are the best dogs around.
    14. dillardkelly
      I am trying to figure out how to start a thread. I really want to post a few concerns about my dog that I cant get answers to elsewhere. I love this forum because I am the only person other then these folks that has a Bernese. Best dog breed ever aside from the hair loss.
    15. Lynn
      Hi there BM. I hope you are feeling a little better. Sorry to trouble you as I know you have other things on your mind at the moment but have you noticed a member going by the name of gucci2 ?

      They have taken up all the recent discussion choice page on the left with advertising and nothing to do about berners or dogs of any description.

    16. Rowan
      Hi there,

      Just wondering how you are doing?
    17. max muscle
      max muscle
      How do I post a question?
    18. LMQ
      Hi so how do i up load a picture? can't seem to figure it out. thanks for any help you can give me. Lynn Q
    19. tandaready
      Hi bernermom.....just wanted to say i think you do a great job with the site and all the comments are great. Its great to have a place to go for all the info and great to see all the other berner Thank you !!!
    20. taraks
      Hi - I have a 1yr old bernese that tested neg. for sterile meningitis, but had all of the symptoms..He would be lethargic, stand with a rigid back and when the vet rotated his neck he screamed in pain..He has been on Pred. for several months..each time we try to ween him off he gets bad the vet wants us to have him on Atopia..a form of cyclosporan so we can get him off the pred. Is there anything else we can give him...I saw you wrote fish oil...Is that something I can just buy at the vitamin the same form I would give myself?? Please let me know..Thank you !!
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