150 Actionable Dog Grooming Tips You Can Easily Do At Home

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    My dog grooming tips for new dog owner.

    Let’s face it. Tidying dogs is tedious. It takes a huge amount of commitment to bring our ‘best friends‘in tiptop state hygiene. Well, that is if you really upkeep your pet.
    If you are the type who never underrates sanitary lifestyle, I bet bathing your bestie in a strong water current from a hose, will never be enough.

    Do you believe your partner in crime deserves to be fresh and spotless? (Million “Likes”) Hence, here are your 150 easy tips!

    Print it and store where you can easily have an access. Enjoy grooming with your buddies, fellas!
    Warming Up!

    1. START EARLY. It is recommended that dog grooming be started as early as you brought your pet home. Let your dog be immersed in cleanliness and let your pet be used to your handling. This will help your dog feel less stressed in your grooming pattern especially when the breed requires grooming on a regular basis.

    2. BE GENEROUS. Do not forget to give your pup treats as often as you can along the grooming training, especially when he is in his correct grooming conduct. This will not only help in training your pet but will mostly give him an enjoyable experience.

    3. TOUCH OFTEN. Do not underestimate the value of touch. Aside from the fact that it builds deeper connection, it will build the trust of your pup especially when it is time for your routine cleaning and grooming.
    Read the full guide here….

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