2 Year Old Male Not Hungry?

Discussion in 'Bernese Mountain Dog Food Forum' started by Angus, Jul 18, 2017.

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    Hi there, My baby boy Gus is only 2 years old, he has a very sensitive stomach and was doing well on a grain-free diet but not he seems to not have much of an appetite. It has gotten to the poiint where I am worried about him so we started putting things that he likes in his food to get him to eat.... He has been to the vet recently and has a perfect bill of health... anyone else experience this? It just started when the hot weather hit.... so I thought it might be that. And I tried switching to a new food, which also didnt help. I'm desperate.....
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    We always recommend that you figure the dry matter basis for the foods you are considering, whether they are canned or kibble, so you can make a good comparison of the protein, fat, fiber, carbs, and other nutrients.
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    "Seasonal changes in daylight and temperature trigger significant hormonal changes in mammals, altering metabolism and influencing food intake. As daily temperatures rise, mammals become less active and need less energy. The lengthening of daylight during the warmer months signals this change to the most primitive part of the brain and its hormonal responses, resulting in decreased food seeking behavior and shifts in cellular metabolism.
    As winter approaches, the opposite response occurs. Lower temperatures require greater energy consumption to maintain body temperature. The shortening of daylight during this time signals the same primitive brain to promote food seeking behavior and alter metabolism in order to promote fat storage in preparation for lean food sources during the winter months."

    I'm glad your first thought was to take Gus to the Vet. Now, I assume you took a stool sample. The only reason why I say that is there are some parasites that will cause loss of appetite. Otherwise I'd stay with the normal food you've always feed them and see if as it cools he goes back to his normal self.
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