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  1. Klexi

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    So my puppy is now 12 weeks old and we went for her first very short walk yesterday. She was thrilled.

    This morning I went down my street for a walk with her and this little dog came running out of its property and attacked her. Just like that for no reason.
    It was horrifying. The owners took their dog off of her and the dog attacked her again.
    My puppy was screaming and I was screaming for the other dog to stop.
    I was devastated, and it was so violent.
    Yet no physical harm done.
    Lexi seems to be ok and the vet told me to wait a little before I walk her again just to give it some time like a day or so.
    But I am so worried that this will have ruined her socialization.
    And what kind of adult dog attacks a 12 week old puppy.
    Do you think she will bounce back from this incident? The vet said there is a good chance she will but to call her if not.
  2. summersnowbr

    summersnowbr Active Member

    She will bounce back. We had the neighbor dog do almost the same thing. It didn't bit her but kept flipping her in the air. His dog was not on leash. I picked ours up and told him there is a leash law. Sierra still loves her walks and all dogs. She is just very watchful of the other dog. Now Sierra is 30 pounds heavier then the other dog and the other dog stays away from her. :)
  3. Klexi

    Klexi Guest

    Thank you summersnowbr. Its reassuring to know she will probably bounce back.
    I have been fighting with the city for the past 3 years for off leash dogs on my street. They do not do their jobs for reinforcing the bylaws.
    This time I took an appointment with the mayor.
    Dogs should be on leash.
    I am happy Lexi hasn't been hurt. And your post and story was very reasuring.
    Thank you very much;)
  4. egnan

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    Same kind of thing happened with us as first experiences out and about. I found a few hours at a day care (small number of dogs and supervised) a few times made all the difference. Just needed to be shown what good play is and that not all dogs are jerks! I have to say, people are not very good at keeping an eye on their dogs and more than once I have had to kick a dog off my pup! Traumatizing more for me than her! But her life and my pocketbook for vet bills is more important than another dog and being socialially polite.
  5. Klexi

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    [QUOTE But her life and my pocketbook for vet bills is more important than another dog and being socialially polite.[/QUOTE]

    So well said :)

    I feel like it is harder for me to get over it too.
    I have not had the chance to go back out and about since its over 40 degrees outside, but I will go back as soon as I can.

    Thank you for sharing your unfortunate experience. And I hope your puppy wasn't hurt.
  6. summersnowbr

    summersnowbr Active Member

    Every walk Sierra does I carry a hip pack found at REI. In it I carry two water bottles, both are for her. The neighbors laugh because she drinks and I do not. Also, in the bag is several poop collecting bags. Dog treats for good walking behaviors. Sitting at street corners. Sitting when we talk to neighbors. Or just periodically for healing correctly, going to my side after relieving herself, etc. A clicker just in case she some how gets off leash. She comes wonderfully for that because there is a special treat that she knows she only gets when she hears the clicker. A bottle of Bitter No chew. Now you may ask why that well if a dog is off leash now and charges Sierra they get a spray of it. Stops them dead in their tracks and they rethink about it. One owner who's dog was off leash told me it was cruel and I told him well then put your dog on leash then it wouldn't get sprayed. Last is a can of Quit it, which is in case Sierra decides she doesn't need to listen and starts to bark while I'm talking She gets the first command to stop if she does not I spray the can away from her. She hates that noise and then she will go to the down position and sleeps while I finish my conversation with the neighbor. My husband calls this pack my survival pack can't go any where without it.;)
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  7. Klexi

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    I love it:) She's too little for a pack but will certainty arm myself I think a pet corrector will be enough to keep those off leash dogs away.
    I find some owners are just so irresponsible, I might use it on them lol
  8. Klexi

    Klexi Guest

    She is doing just fine. She bounced right back. Yay

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