7 month old with HD - needs THR

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    Hello everyone,

    We added another Berner girl to our family (we already had her sister - same mom and dad) 6 month ago. Tilda is as wonderful as can be but 2 month ago she started showing all clinical signs for hip dysplasia (bunny hopping, hard time to get up, can't go on the couch, not playful etc.).

    We took her to a orthopedic specialist (VOSM.com) and they diagnosed her with bilateral hip dysplasia (left is worse than right). We are still in shock. They recommended a total hip replacement on the left side as she is not a candidate for TPO anymore (and they don't believe in the good results of a TPO - they say THR is much more successful).

    They put her on Rimadyl for now and we start Rehab (laser and underwater treadmill) next Thursday to build up her rear muscles.

    They want to see her again with 9-10 month of age to evalutate again and than do the surgery.

    Do you think 9-10 month is to young to do a THR as Berners grow slow?

    If anyone gone through this I really would appreciate any insight as for me the surgery and what comes after that sounds scary.

    Thanks, Celine
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    What ended up happening with your puppy? Did you have the surgery? My 15 month old has been diagnosed with hip dysplasia and pano, on NSAIDS and supplements, waiting to see ortho specialist.

    Would love to know what your outcome is...

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