8 month old berner with very sensitive stomach

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    hi there, this is my first post but i am hoping to get some good suggestions here.
    my Berner Bruce is 9 months old and has had some serious tummy troubles this summer. at first the vet thought he had a parasite but after multiple sets of antibiotics and still no change in his diarrhea the vet suggested a food change because he may have an allergy to the food he was on. we switched bruce to a salmon and potato based limited ingredient dog food (which is what the vet suggested) and it seems to be working but my pet store has discontinued selling our kind. i guess my question is, does anyone have any suggestions for a large breed puppy food that is for a sensitive stomach? we are in Alberta, Canada4

    thank you in advance.
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    I'm not a big expert on dog food, but I can tell you our story. We adopted our Maya when she was 10 month old. We were told be the previous owner that Maya has very sensitive stomach and the only food she tolerates is Canisource (if I remember the name correctly). "Tolerate" was the right word because Maya definitely didn't thrive on it.
    Long story short - we decided to switch to raw. We knew that Maya would likely benefit from raw food, but we didn't expect such amazing result. All stomach problems were gone, shedding reduced by half, fur became soft and silky... Our vet couldn't believe that it's the same dog.
    Maya is 4 now, very healthy and full of energy (torn CCL doesn't count I guess).

    So my suggestion - switch to raw. You're in Alberta, you should have easy access to good quality meat. Don't forget green tripe. It's stinky but wonderful for dogs. We managed to find few sources of raw meat in Montreal, it shouldn't be a problem for you.
    I can go on and on about raw, so please stop me here :)

    Send me PM if you're interested, I will gladly tell you all I learned about feeding raw food.

    P.S. Give Bruce pumpkin puree - 1-2 tbsp twice a day. Not the pie filling with sugar but pureed 100% pumpkin from the jar. It does wonders to stop diarrhea (as well as constipation). And if you really have to give antibiotics, then give him Milk Thistle for 1-2 month to protect his liver.
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