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    Hi, everyone!

    My 2.5 year old male berner, Hugo, has fairly severe allergies. Before he turned a year old, he had multiple ear infections, one staph infection, and infections on his paws from excessive licking. My vet put him on Apoquel, but it didn't work. We are now doing allergen immunotherapy (shots), and I give him Zyrtec. I'm not sure if the shots are working because it's only been a few months, but he hasn't had any infections since.

    He does, however, still lick his paws excessively (which could also be related to anxiety). My biggest concern right now is his hair loss. He's losing hair in literal clumps right now. Sometimes when I pet him, I will pull out large clumps. I plan to call my vet on Monday, but has anyone else experienced a similar situation? What can I do about the paw licking and hair loss? My vet told me that allergies will be a life-long battle, but I get so worried that it's something more intense or causing him pain/unhappiness.

    Other questions/things to add:
    - He can't take steroids because he's also epileptic and it interferes with that medication.
    - I'm considering putting an Elizabethan collar on him, but he's already so anxious, I worry it could be worse.
    - He eats Nature's Logic, venison. It's high-quality food, no gluten, no synthetics.

    Any help would be appreciated. I also looked through similar threads but didn't find my specific situation.

    Thank you,

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