Anxiety and Super Needy??

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    I have an 8 month old Bernese puppy and he is extremely needy for attention and affection. He will only be occupied with his toys for 5 minutes and immediately be at our feet and legs, climbing on top of you, for affection and attention. It's overbearing and it's overwhelming. When we get ready in the mornings, we will gate him in the kitchen- we've had to do this because while getting dressed, he will poop all over the living room because we aren't physically in the room with him. If we leave him in the kitchen without a toy, he will go after our shoes. He acts out and 'gets back at us' if we leave him in a room alone. He can't physically be away from us without whining or getting into something. We've had to resort to putting him in a crate while getting ready because we are afraid he'll destroy our new house and poop all over it.

    We need any suggestions to help with this behavior and how to teach him to be okay with being alone with toys in a room without our physical presence or demanding SO much of our time.
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    I'm not well steeped in Bernese, only having had one 2 year old, and now her litter of 6 pups. But our Willow is very, VERY attention craving, and used to have separation anxiety. I suspect that is what is going on with your pup. At 8 months, he really is very immature still. We have decided that we won't let any of our puppies go to homes where both parents work Full Time - unless they plan to take the dog to a doggie day care. Bernese are known to be family dogs that always want to be with you.

    I suspect he's having bad anxiety because he knows the separation is coming, and it's driving him nuts. If you both work, I'd suggest a doggie day care, or possibly even a new home if you are not wanting a breed that so desperately wants to be with their "family".
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