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Discussion in 'Bernese Mountain Dog General Discussion' started by Cochel0, Oct 4, 2014.

  1. Cochel0

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    Hello, I have an 8 month Berner. Isaac, We love him to dearly. We also have a 2 year Great dane and 4 year old Newf. When ever someone comes over he barks and barks and barks. My other dogs do not bark once they know we accept them in the house. Isaac barks non stop for 20 minutes. When we take him for walks and to stores etc. He does not bark at anyone. Suggestions on how to get him to stop barking once we except our visitors. We wont let them pet him either. His tag is wagging but he backs up if they try yo pet him. Thank you
  2. hlm

    hlm New Member

    Hi there, well, I do understand, our boy (almost 2) is a very "alert" boy and will let us know about each and every little "disturbance in the force". It can be a challenge to say the least, these guys are big and have big voices too! I've read up quite a bit about this, they are by nature "watch dogs" diligent and alert. The most helpful thing I've read was that you can't "train" this out of them, but rather work on finding an off switch. Allow them to do their job, thank them for being so diligent and then get them to let it go. We use "hush", something I started working on with him around 7 or 8 months. We still work on it, but he will pretty much let it go about 85% of the time. I always have treats in my pocket, if he barks I say hush, very calmly and sweetly,(with a hand signal as well, finger to my mouth) if your energy gets amped up or frustrated, his will get amped up too and he'll be harder to calm down, I wait for him to sit and lean back into a relaxed position and then reward him. We are to the point where he stop just on my visual cue. This takes a lot of repetition and a great deal of patience, so don't expect him to get it right away, seriously, this is a hard one for them to get, it goes against their nature. And yes, don't have anyone pet or acknowledge him until he has let it go and has completely relaxed.
    I hope that's helpful, they are LOUD aren't they :) But, hey, I doubt anyone would ever dare try to break into our house!!!! :) :) :)
    best wishes!
  3. LouisBerner

    LouisBerner New Member

    your berner have lots of barks, while the one here that i am taking care of, he rarely barks! i am longing for my berner to bark, but its hard to make him do that. the first time i heard him bark is only once (literally one bark and that's it) and this was 7 months time span. i wonder where will be the next one.

    PS: i am not joking!
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  4. NurseJules

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    LouisBerner, that made me laugh. :p
    My pup is VERY vocal. Especially when he wants food. Pretty much all the time.

    We really should work on a "quiet" que...
  5. BearPhiv

    BearPhiv New Member

    Count your blessings, LouisBerner! lol. That's great you have a quiet pooch. Our pup is pretty vocal too. It's within tolerance now but hoping it doesn't escalate!!

    I also have heard if you teach them the "bark" cue on command, it's easier to turn it off by then teaching "quiet". Not sure yet, haven't tried myself but sounds like you're doing everything right. Have you tried teaching him to go to his "place"? It's their space, mat, bed, etc. where they can be in the same room with you, but out of the way. Not sure if that would help telling him to go to his "place" give him a kong, favorite toy, etc. We're in the process of teaching this to our 4 month old so hopefully he'll catch on soon. Our biggest issue when visitors come is wanting to nip/bite still, so we're tackling that :)

    Good luck!
  6. LouisBerner

    LouisBerner New Member

    yes, he is good at that. When I mop the floor and he is in the way, i'll just stop mopping and stand or wait, i'll just look at the "place" and he will follow. Sometimes when I want a quick response, I use my body language, using my arms pointing directly at the place.
  7. LeonilKyle

    LeonilKyle Member

    I have a 8 year old dog that barks at everything that passes by the gate but only at night.
  8. Chago

    Chago New Member

    Lmao I'm with you on this one. Rocky is 14 months old now. He has barked like 3 times in his life lol. And they are these wimpy girl bark haha. 1 of the 3 times he barked it was at a petsmart. The people all giggled because seeing this 100+ lb monster bark like a small spaniel or something was surprising. I actually logged on right now to ask when does a male mature? I was thinking his bark is not deep because he is not fully matured yet? Then I saw this thread and had a read first.

    So when will he have a deeper bark that a 100+ lb dog has? Or is the tone nothing to do with maturity?

    As per the OP. You need to practice this with your dog every time someone comes over. Have a friend come over once and go in and out a number of times. And each time you correct the dog so he knows what it is you expect when he greets the guest. When he does what you want treat him. Have the person leave and do it again. My Berner was good with learning almost all tasks. I repeated most this 5-6 times and by the 7th time he got it.

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