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  1. alexandra Lefebvre

    alexandra Lefebvre New Member

    My bmd is almost 9 weeks. She's playful and seems very normal but she has diarrhea. The person i got her from was feeding her costco brand puppy food. First of all my costco doesnt have that food and i didn't want to continue on that anyway so we bought the Proplan puppy food. don't know if i did the right thing, but our costco desn't carry the food anyways. Is she going to be OK?? How long does the diarrhea last? Her apt for the Vet is only on the 28th so i'm a little worried
  2. Momaire

    Momaire Member

    Hi! Your pup is beautiful, keep taking lots of pictures, they get big so fast! How is she doing with her digestive issues?
  3. alexandra Lefebvre

    alexandra Lefebvre New Member

    She's doing alot better now, and growing fast thank you

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