Bernese Mountaing Dog Puppy Growth Chart

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    My Rosie was about the same weight at 10 months, 65 lbs. She was from a litter of 10. She's now maybe 80-85 lbs at 15 months. But she's perfect. She grazes on her food throughout the day. I don't limit when she eats, because she seems good at self regulation. Hope that helps!
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    Thank you! Bear eats the normal amount! We went to the vet today and he still only weighs 70lbs at 11 months. Guess we just have a pocket Berner!
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    He is gorgeous! Love the Christmas picture ! :)
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    Thanks for updating this informational chart. My female is somewhat around 20 inches tall and almost 7 months old . But I wasn't able to track her weight like I believe that she seems to be on the same track till now as according to her weight gain every week. Please update me for sure with this information.

    Thanks for sharing this helpful post.

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    Don't worry - my Bernese is 1 year old and only 80 lbs. He's about 26 in 1/2. He's "skinny" for a Berner, but oh how gorgeous!! He's healthy, and that's what counts. I won't lie, I did expect him to be "bigger", but I accept him as he is! I wouldn't change him for the world.
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    Weight update: She is 107 pounds and 10 months now. When I give her a bath she looks slendar. Almost alarmingly so. We walk a couple of miles everyday, she is healthy and energetic.

    This is her "Please don't talk about my weight." picture. :D:):eek:

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    Our new Berner Sierra

    We have a new Berner, Sierra, she has been nothing but a bundle of joy since we brought her home. She can keep us laughing with her expressions and things she does. I thought I would show her growth chart too.

    9 wks - 15.42lbs
    10 wks - 17.8 lbs
    11 wks - 20.4 lbs
    12 wks - 23.6 lbs
    13 wks - 26.8 lbs (3 months)
    14 wks - 31.0 lbs
    15 wks - 33.3 lbs
    16 wks - 36.8 lbs (19.5 inches tall)
    17 wks - 40.8 lbs (21.0 inches tall)
    17 wks & 3 days (4 months) 41.2 lbs
    18 wks - 44.0 lbs
    19 wks - 47.6 lbs (22.75 inches tall)
    20 wks - 50.6 lbs
    21 wks - 53.8 lbs (23.0 inches tall)
    21 wks & 5 days (5 months) 55.8 lbs
    22 wks 56.8 lbs
    23 wks 59.6 lbs
    24 wks 62.4 lbs (23.5 inches tall)
    25 wks 64.2 lbs
    26 wks (6 months) 66.0 lbs (24.0 inches tall)
    27 wks 67.6 lbs
    28 wks 69.0 lbs
    29 wks 70.6 lbs
    30 wks 72.2 lbs (25 inches tall)
    30 wks & 2 days (7 months) 72.8 lbs
    31 wks 73.6 lbs
    32 wks 74.0 lbs
    33 wks 75.2 lbs (25 1/2 inches tall)
    34 wks 77.2 lbs
    34 wks & 5 days (8 months) 78.8 lbs
    35 wks 79 lbs
    36 wks 80.4 lbs
    37 wks 82.8 lbs (26 inches tall)
    38 wks 84.2 lbs
    39 wks sick from dog food that was bad (9 months old)
    40 wks sick still recovering
    41 wks 85.0 lbs
    42 wks 85.4 lbs
    43 wks 87.8 lbs (26 1/2 inches tall)
    43 wks & 2 days (10 months) 88.8 lbs
    44 wks 88.8 lbs
    45 wks 90.0 lbs
    46 wks 90.6 lbs
    47 wks 91.6 lbs
    47 wks & 5 days (11 months) 92.8 lbs
    48 wks 93.0 lbs
    49 wks 93.8 lbs
    50 wks 93.9 lbs
    51 wks 94.2 lbs
    52 wks 96.0 lbs (weighed in by vet)
    13 months 97.0 lbs (weighed in by vet)
    15 months & 5 days 101 lbs (weighed in by vet)
    16 months & 11 days 105 lbs (weighed in by vet)
    17 months & 3 weeks & 3 days 106.4 lbs (weighed in by vet)
    18 months & 2 weeks & 1 day 109 lbs (weighed in by vet)
    19 months & 2 weeks & 4 days 110.5 lbs (weighed in by vet)
    20 months & 3 weeks 110.5 lbs (weighed in by vet)
    21 months & 2 weeks 111.0 lbs (weighed in by vet)
    2 years 113.5 lbs (weighed in by vet)
    2 years & 4 months 113 lbs (weighed in by vet)

    She was in a litter of only two, vet says she has incredibly big bones for her age, most likely per the vet because of the small litter, more nutrients from the mother to both puppies. Her brother is very big boned too. Per the vet if she keeps this rate up she could be 110 lbs when fully grown. She is not fat at all per the vet. But we will see how she does one never knows on this. But what ever her size she is a delight.
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  9. will47

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    We just got a ~ 6.5 mo old Berner boy (still unaltered) who is about 45 lb. We've only had him for about a week, so we don't know if he wasn't fed enough or if he's just small for his age.

    We have been giving him about 5 - 5.5 C of Canidae large breed puppy food a day (2x a day), and he seems very hungry (he eats it really fast, even in a flat pie dish). Should we feed him much more than that? Any other tricks for slowing down his eating?

    IMG_0320 copy.jpg
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  10. summersnowbr

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    Our Berner girl has her dog food available at all times. She is just a nibbler and only eats 5 cups plus dog treats during the day in training sessions. Where did you get your puppy. Where the parents large if so ask if they were slow growers. Some Berners just take a little longer to grow. they can grow up to 3 years. Our female is not fixed either and is 28 weeks old and weighs 69 pounds. Her chart is above, Sierra. Her parents were 100 female, male 120. The female litters per the breeder have been on the large side but slow growers. 5 1/2 cups is a lot plus I'm sure there are treats in between for good behavior. :) How is everything else going with him?
  11. will47

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    We are not doing a ton of snacks / treats, just here and there, but we do sometimes give him some canned pumpkin or small amounts of unprocessed fruits / vegetables. He is eating his own poop too, will try some ways of getting him to stop that after we doublecheck the results of his stool sample.

    We don't know his growth history or the size or growth history of his parents. We acquired him from someone who had to give him up due to their son's allergies; we've seen his papers but don't have access to that kind of detail. So yes, we don't want him to grow too fast, was just wondering if his current weight seems so low that we should take more dramatic action (and if so, what).
  12. summersnowbr

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    Check this link out about how to stop your puppy from eating poop: Stopping Dogs From Eating Poop

    We have not had that problem with ours but she does have access to her food all day. We fill her bowl with the days allotment and that is what she gets for the whole day. She only nibbles. I believe it is because she knows its there and we wont take it from her. This is easy if you are the stay at home type. We are retired. If you still work then this is hard to do. Also, we pick up her poop immediately upon her going. So the above gives us an advantage on poop eating. One thing Sierra does get is vitamins recommended by the vet. Even though they say dog food has their required vitamin count just like humans we take one too. The vet says that this is important for puppies and pregnant/nursing females. Check with your vet on this.
    I think his weight will come in time 5 1/2 cups is a lot he will grow. Check his weight weekly, I think once he gets used to being with you, you'll see a weight gain. Our vet said a 2-3 lb weight gain up to 6 months is normal after six she expected to see 1-2 pounds a week up to their genetically given weight. If you look at Sierra's chart she is very close to exactly what the vet thought. Even though our vet thinks she will end up 110 lbs when done you never know. She could stop gaining. One thing to remember some of the weights posted are of dogs that have been either spaded or neutered, animals that have been fixed gain weight. This may not be a good thing because yes believe it or not dogs can get diabetes. This is not good. Non fixed dogs are normally leaner unless over feed.
  13. will47

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    Turns out he did have giardia, so this explains at least the loose stools, and possibly the weight loss as well.
  14. summersnowbr

    summersnowbr Active Member

    I'm sure then that explains his weight, I'm sure they have given you something to treat it. This could take time that is a tough parasite. Make sure you clean his water bowl often and don't let him drink from water sources outside until your at least sure that it is gone. Keep us posted on how his weight gain goes.
  15. will47

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    Yes, seems like it can often be very hard to get rid of, and in some cases, they'll be a carrier forever. I don't think it's an issue with water sources, as I'm pretty certain he had it already when he came to us, however, adequately sanitizing the areas where he's pooped is going to be challenging, especially since he won't poop on command or in a specific spot.
  16. summersnowbr

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    I have had 5 Great Pyrenees in the past used to be a breeder, retired from that after last one died of old age. And then of course our Berner now. Never had a dog that would poop on command but everyone would pee on command. So yours isn't doing bad at all. Are you in a warm dry climate. If so that makes getting rid of that parasite much easier.
  17. will47

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    Yes, warm and dry here, so that should help.
  18. summersnowbr

    summersnowbr Active Member

    how is your male Berner doing? Is he gaining weight?
  19. will47

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    46 lb still and still has Giardia as well. On the second round of treatment.
  20. summersnowbr

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    How is your Berner doing on round 2? Is he gaining weight. I showed our daughter your Berner pups pictures, she said he is cute and laughed said your yard looks like hers she lives in AZ. Not sure but you said you were in a hot dry place. :)

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