Bladder Infection in male dog

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    Hello all!

    I wanted some advice with my issue im having with my 1 year old berner. We took him to the kennel wednesday evening because we were leaving for vacation thursday morning. Thursday afternoon we get a call saying that my dog peed in his "bunk" and the pee we tinged with blood (must have been a lot of blood because they said the pee was brown). So I call my vet, whom didnt seem concerned (of course they convinced us to neuter at 6 months so Im not sure they know what they're talking about half the time). We had the kennel take him to a different vet who was closer to them and they tested him for a bladder infection and the test came back positive. He is on pain meds and antibiotics but I'm still worried. I read that it is very unlikely for a male dog to get a bladder infection. We take him out whenever he barks at the door to go out, and I dont think he was at the kennel long enough to where if he wasnt being let out enough he would have gotten it from that. Has anyone ever had experience with a male dog getting cysitis or know of a good reason why?

    *Still on vacation and vet wont give us a good reason why and doesnt seem concerned.

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