Blowing coat?

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Feedback' started by Sheldon'sMom, Nov 10, 2012.

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    Hi all!

    I have been stressing as my Sheldon has been shedding like crazy and yes, I read about the blowing coat, what can I do as he looks a little messed up and dull!! I was getting scared as I thought he had mange? Trying to get under control as we, had finally fixed his stomach issue, which omg was a nightmare! So now this? Please if someone understands me and maybe relieve my mind of any deep underlined issue?:confused:
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    How old is poor Sheldon? Could it be seasonal shedding, or puppy coat shedding?

    Bree lost her puppy coat at the same time as shedding for summer. I was astounded by the amount of hair coming off her. Although I have to admit with the amount of brushing I did her coat never looked dull.

    You say you have been having tummy issues? Is it possible he has not been getting enough nutrients and is a little malnourish? This would cause his coat to dull as coat shine is linked not only to factors like brushing/washing but diet.

    If you are worried he might have mange I would go to a vet and get a skin scraping to know for sure. Otherwise incorporating omega3's into his diet will help with coat shine. Some fish oil, or supplements with green lipped muscle will help, plus green lipped muscle will also help keep his joints healthy :)
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    Please be more specific.

    Is the hair loss general and all over the body? Or rather in specific areas such as just the sides? How is the skin health? Any flaking? Any bald spots? Or just general thinning of the coat?


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