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  1. katiebarger

    katiebarger New Member

    Hi all,

    I switched our 6-month-old berner to blue buffalo puppy chicken and brown rice food about three weeks ago b/c he had some serious food allergies with Royal Canin (which is what the breeder recommended).

    After three weeks on Blue Buffalo, he still has very loose stools. Is this normal with this brand or should I be concerned and consider switching again?

    And finally, should I upgrade to adult food anyway at this point regardless of what brand?


  2. k1cart

    k1cart Member

    It seems that many of us have Berners with sensitive stomachs.

    From my personal experience with our Berner it took us almost a year to find a (non-prescription) dog food that didn't upset his stomach. We have recently found great success with Blue Buffalo Basics Turkey & Sweet Potato fomula. This is a limited ingredient food.

    I wouldn't blame Blue Buffalo as a brand. There may be ingredients in the food that upset his stomach (chicken, grains, eggs, etc). Did you switch your dog over slowly to the new food?

    If your vet has tested your dog for any parasites, worms, etc then mabye your pup just has a sensitive stomach. From my own experience no one can really help you find a food that works, it is a bit of trial and error. Everyone has an opinon about what brand of dog food is the best and it is really up to you to decide what you want to feed your dog.

    Good luck! There are a few other posts on here discussing sensitive stomachs but I'm new to this posting thing and am not sure how to put a link to it.

    Hope this helps!
  3. hudkj

    hudkj New Member

    puppy food

    Hello! when we got our berner she was almost 3 months old and breeder recommended going straight to adult food so the puppy's growth is not too rapid. We did go straight to adult food. We initially fed chicken soup for the dog lover's soul which was pretty good. stools were not quite solid but not bad. we switched her to taste of the wild at around 5 months and she has done great on it with all solid stools. Also, the vet said with such a large breed dog it is good to switch to adult food by 4 to 6 months of age.
  4. Cali'smom19

    Cali'smom19 New Member

    hi there! My berner doesnt have issues with this, but my foster shepherd did. We had him on nature's variety chicken and rice formula when we were fostering him and he did really well. it has no corn soy or wheat so all of his allergies were taken care of
  5. bair0712

    bair0712 New Member

    Hello Everyone,

    My pup just turned 14 weeks old and the Blue Buffalo does not sit very well with his stomach. He eats it, but it doesn't come out the way the way it is supposed to. Its very loose. I was wondering if you guys could make a few recommendations as to what I should be feeding him? I figured it is about time to go to adult food, so i wanted to have some experience tell me the way I should go with the brand of dog food.

  6. CharlieBern

    CharlieBern New Member

    If the food you choose for your puppy is specific to large breeds, you can continue feeding that well past 3-4 months. The things to regulate for a Berner pup are calcium, phosphorus and excessive calories. Calcium and phosphorus are the key factors in bone growth.....too much is bad for your Bern! A puppy food should have a good amount of DHA (brain and eye development). Stay away from anything with by-products, grains if possible. From my research.....some brands to look at are Wellness, Artemis, Fromm and Orijen. Those are all pricey, but my Berner is worth it! :)
  7. Josh+Aly

    Josh+Aly New Member

    We had our puppy on Blue Buffalo for a couple months and his stools were constantly soft and almost runny. We changed his food to Science Diet and we haven't had any issues with his stools since. Try switching food.
  8. Maui's Fam

    Maui's Fam New Member

    Not sure of it is coincidence or not.

    But we went through a bag of Blue Buffalo and our berner's poop was constantly runny, wet and soft. Made it difficult to pick up :(.
    We switched to Hollistic Canine Caviar dog food. And so far we have noticed that at least his poop is now more solid and easy on the pick-up :p .
    Looks like it is a little trial-and-error unfortunately to see what works best. But based on how the food is coming out for our berner pup, we will not be going back to Blue.
  9. katesbug

    katesbug New Member

    We had the same issues with Blue Buffalo Large Breed Puppy. (And many other brands!) The only food that seems to work for us is Royal Canin Large Breed Puppy Vet Blend. It requires a prescription and it's crazy expensive, but I was at my wit's end (as was our puppy!) with the nighttime diarrhea.

    I hope you find a brand that works for you...

    There were a few other changes we made:

    Bug gets half a packet of Bloom probiotics mixed with warm water twice a day. The base is dried goat's milk, so our dog loves, loves, loves it.

    We had to ditch the meat-based puppy treats and switch to pumpkin-based treats. She's not as fond of these. (No surprise.) No more rawhides, bones, bully sticks, or other animal-based toys. (Did I mention I was at my wit's end?)

    Lots more walking. We had been walking Bug twice a day for 30 minutes. We upped that to twice a day for an hour.

    And, finally, we ripped out our tomato plants —*including every root we could get our hands on.

    Good luck! I have my fingers crossed for you!
  10. JennyM

    JennyM New Member

    Generally speaking Blue Buffalo makes high quality dog food, but you need to observe your dog to see whether it's good for him or not.

    Also, if your dog gets diarrhea at first, it doesn't mean that Blue Buffalo is a no-no for him, he might just need some time to get used to it.
  11. dogspotindia

    dogspotindia New Member

    Royal canin is a good brand but i think mixture of blue buffalo puppy chicken and brown rice is the main problem. you just give your dog some light food till his stool is not good.
  12. k1cart

    k1cart Member

    If your puppy still has loose stools I would recommend finding another food.

    The best advice I can give you (regardless of brand) is to try a protein source that your puppy hasn't had before. We tried many brands and different protein sources and ended up with Blue Buffalo Basics Turkey & Sweet Potato Grain Free.

    Also, make sure to switch your puppy slowly to the new food.

    It may be worth it to feed your puppy a bland diet to firm everything up first.

    Its a frustrating process at times to find a food that works well for your puppy's stomach but it can be done!
  13. Chago

    Chago New Member

    I can report that my 8 week old has been eating Blue Buffalo Wilderness LArge Breed Puppy for a week now and has been great!

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