BMD puppy has thick, scaly lesions

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    My 15 week-old Berner has developed some strange skin lesions that I was hoping to run by you all. The first one popped up on Feb. 9th (roughly 1.5 weeks ago), of course the day before we were leaving for our honeymoon. He was left in the trusted care of our neighbor who is very knowledgeable about animals (runs a vet clinic, volunteers with ASPCA missions). She treated it with Chlorhexidine spray and another spray called Vetercept or something like that, while also using lime/sulfur spray on it. It didn't get any better, so she took him to the vet after about a week. I wasn't there for the appointment, but from what our puppy sitter said the vet sounded pretty stumped as to what it could be. The vet prescribed an antibiotic, and his sore has not gotten any better. In fact, he's now getting another one in another location. We just got back from our trip today, and he's going back to the vet tomorrow for boosters as well as to get this skin thing looked at again, but I was curious if there were any breed-specific issues that perhaps I missed. The vet did do a skin scraping but we haven't heard any results yet. If anyone has any suggestions, I'm all ears!

    The effected areas do not appear to bother him and he doesn't seem to itch at them. He'll scratch occasionally, but it doesn't seem as though his skin in general bothers him. We do note that he has some skin flakes here and there, but nothing terrible. The spots are hairless and the skin in the area is very thickened and firm to the touch. There is no pus or significant drainage, but they are kind of scaly appearing. My first thought when I did my research on it was ringworm, and his spots look like kerions to me based on what I saw online. Apparently it's presentation doesn't support that.... one spot is on the side of his ribcage, the other is on the top of one of his paws. He's been around some kittens that we later found out had ringworm, so he definitely was exposed to it. Anyone have thoughts on that?? I'm attempting to attach links to pictures below... sorry for poor quality, it's tough to get a puppy to lay still!

    Our puppy is happy, playful, and has a huge appetite - everything seems normal other than the skin. Growing like a weed, despite being TINY when we got him :)

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Links to the pictures....
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    What is the skin thing on your dog?

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