Do I have a small berner?

Discussion in 'Bernese Mountain Dog Health Questions' started by waylon, Jul 13, 2017.

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    Hello everyone! My Bernese mountain dog is named Waylon and I am kind of concerned (not in a bad way!) He is 17 weeks old and is 32lbs and is a male. I was reading online and found a puppy weight estimator and found out that he will be only 50lbs full grown according to the website. I think this is false but i would like other berner owners to give me their opinion on how big my boy is really going to be!
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    I doubt it. The calculators are not accurate. I remember they had Sierra to be 65 pounds when done and she is way past that one. And then the question is: Is Waylon big boned? Bone structure is normally a good predictor of a dogs weight. Here is the link to Sierra's weight:
    One thing about Sierra, she is extremely large boned. She is not fat but her bone structure is large per the Vet. In fact now the Vet thinks she will be 120 pound by age 3. We are hoping not but as long as it isn't fat I guess we get what we get. Talk to your Vet about his weight. My guess is, he is right on target for his structure. Also, you want them to grow slow.
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    Talk to your vet for the better advice, about the weight.

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