Dog and house smell terrible!

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    I need help please! My almost 8 year old Berner has struggled with skin issues for years, with recurring resistant staph infections, allergies, etc. we’ve had him on and off antibiotics, creams, special name it, we’ve done it. The vet keeps having us shave him (I know ugh) and apply these creams a few times a day, and it will get under control and we’ll let his fur grow back, and then it will come back again. I used to be able to keep up with him like he was my part-time job, but now I have a 3 year old and a 1 year old and it’s just impossible. Even when we get him groomed and try so hard to keep up with it, he licks himself and smells terrible a day later. He smells awful and makes our house smell terrible if I don’t vacuum and mop every single day, and again with 2 small kids it’s just so hard. I guess I’m just looking for ANY tips or tricks to help the situation!!! Thanks in advance!!!
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    My older one had that. I took him to the vet that’s gave home cream, shaved a big circle around the open wound, the kicker was they gave him anti itch pill. It worked because he kept making it worse then right before it healed and the anti itch med was done he started again. We did it again but for longer. And it finally healed. Kinda wierd he had it for 2 months and never had any problems again???

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