Dry food for berners

Discussion in 'Bernese Mountain Dog Food Forum' started by Oana, Jul 23, 2014.

  1. Oana

    Oana New Member

    What type of kibbles do you feed your berner with?

    I currently feed Acana Large Breed but was thinking to add Taste of the wild too. Is it ok if I feed both? Like mix the kibbles in a bag and take the food from there?

    Which one of the Taste of the wild is best for a large breed dog?
  2. teri

    teri New Member

    I feed Purina Pro Plan for large breeds to my 11 month old. No digestive issues.
  3. Danielle

    Danielle New Member

    The Salmon formula from Taste of The Wild is full of preservatives! I would avoid feeing it to your pup!
  4. MindyReese

    MindyReese New Member

    We feed our 7 month old berner Fromms large dog food. Sometimes we add plain yogurt to it for added probiotics and she's doing well on it.

    I sometimes want to switch up her food just so she doesn't get bored, but instead I switch up the treats.
  5. Alpha1

    Alpha1 Member

    I agree with this, it's not very good for pups
  6. Sorin

    Sorin New Member

    You're most probably in some error, there are no other than natural preservatives in all their formulas, and they are all fine for our dogs.
  7. Bailey

    Bailey New Member

    dry dog food

    we feed our 14 week old the Natural Balance brand venison and sweet potato for puppies and adults. I switched her to this because her poops were loose with the blue buffalo chicken large breed puppy formula (that her breeder was feeding her). our trainer said that protein from animals with "hooves" is better for their digestive system. Not sure why, but it seemed to help. Her poop is perfect now. LOL.
  8. BernerDad

    BernerDad New Member


    We feed our boy TLC all stages. Our breeder uses it for all his dogs and has had great success with it. Since our Milo ate that from the beginning we kept with it. We've had no issues with his development and growth as according to our vet he is exactly where he should be in size.
    Here is a link to their web site.

  9. lilrichards

    lilrichards New Member

    My girl is fed on Eukanuba Large Breed. She's due to be spayed in June so I will move her up to the adult food after that!
  10. will47

    will47 New Member

    New here, and new to having a Berner, but FWIW, we've been using Canidae large breed (puppy for now).
  11. Aare_Berner

    Aare_Berner New Member

    Berner Food

    We have recently been using Taste of The Wild Lamb dry food. No grains or fillers. It is great. Aare who is a healthy 6-year old loves it and gets through a 30lb bag about every 35 days. Amazon sells it for under $50. Free delivery on Prime which is nice.

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