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  1. puppytalk

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    I have a question about our puppy, he is 9 weeks old.

    The breeder had them on Krikland brand puppy food which has fairly good reviews, I do want to incorporate some healthy foods as well.
    Koda hasn't eaten his kibble great but seems to eat much better when mixed with an all natural yogurt, cottage cheese, rise or chicken breast. What other foods are good for Bernese puppies and is it ok to be mixing it so he gets his kibble still?
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    We give our Berner lots of fruit and veggies. Emma loves carrots, green beans, romaine lettuce, apples, banana's, and pumpkin are her favorites. But she will try about anything..lol She like carrots for a while, but lately spits them out! She is funny. She also likes yogurt as well, and I put a couple of spoons of coconut oil in her food too. Just add a few things into the diet slowly and see how it goes. Remember too much too fast can cause an upset tummy:eek:

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