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  1. Roadie

    Roadie New Member

    I know, I know, if I wanted fetch should have gotten a collie or something lol.

    We're up to day 3 of fetch training and getting there, decided to introduce the clicker as required for my AKCI training.

    Used to clicker then started to learn fetch.

    She's getting there slowly.

    Anyone got any tips/ experience with fetch and the bernese?

    Doing it step by step to train or will she one day "get it" as if it's been natural by just repeating throwing, walking to it and treating.
  2. aje196

    aje196 Member

    The only luck we've had with Rosie is having our golden retriever friend over. She will fetch for hours and Rosie will chase Sadie for hours, so it seems to work out well for both. A lot of times my Berner will get the ball and then trot around with it, teasing poor Sadie who's desperate to get it back to a human who will throw it again. It's pretty comical.
  3. Roadie

    Roadie New Member

    ahh, ill keep at it then, the only running she really gets is if i sit/ stay her and then recall her. working on send outs then hoping to introduce a ball or tug toy.

    my pup is called rosie too :D whole lotta rosie
  4. Roadie

    Roadie New Member

    we're getting there after a few days :D she'll run after the toy then chew it. if she happens to be holding it when she comes running back it's a fetch right? haha

    poor girl lol, keep telling her that's really good but you're not a retriever are you :p

    it's bernese book stuff: patience, persistence and praise a berner makes :D <3
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  5. Roadie

    Roadie New Member

    have toys will fetch

    Took a few days and a bit of patience.
    Using the clicker was great as I know she was getting a bit flustered but bow we have a proper little fetcher on our hands.

    Making her touch the toy with her nose first to show a bit of interest in it and then throwing it, she's off.

    Still doing amazing as she's so tiny still (4 months now)

    here's her fetching video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j_Qf_d87I50
  6. alcNAK

    alcNAK New Member

    I can't say we've had a ton of success yet, but there's definitely progress. hoping this helps at least to add another perspective to the process.

    1 - Our trainer has advised having one fetch toy specially for that activity. they'll get excited about that one toy and they'll begin to associate it with the game of fetch. I use a squeak toy so when I squeak it she knows it's time to play.

    2 - No treats for fetch. The toy is supposed to be enough of a treat and the "good girl" praise should be enough

    3 - for now, we're using our 15-ft lead but you do a slight yank so in the end she's coming to you seemingly on her own.

    Mia isn't quite dropping it at my feet, but she does run back to me and doesn't fight when I try to take it from her mouth and she seems to enjoy the praise. also you're supposed to leave them wanting more. our trainer suggests up to 12 rounds, but if she tends to get bored after 7, next time stop at 5 or 6 so she'll look forward to it.

    hopefully this helps. my baby is only 13 weeks (today) so everything with her is difficult so I can't give a tried and true response on how to get them to do anything :)
  7. Roadie

    Roadie New Member

    We have fetch down to an art now. working on identifying toys. If i put her "tugger" and her "ball" down then ask her to "find x" she will normally get the right one without having to signal.

    Really happy with how she's done.
    To be fair, I'm used to working with older dogs so am having to take it really slowly with Rosie pup.

    I'd kept a toy just for fetch, your trainer mentioned a good point with that one. I read some places to either put some kind of flavour on the toy but I was like, serious, that's into the realm of too much.

    I was giving treat then praise for bringing the toy back to me so that the treat can be phased out, which it's getting that way. It's her new thing so after a week am maybe treating 40% of the time, she's very food orientated which am thankful for, either because I've been feeding her once a day and "timekeeping" on it.

    Long story, we had an issue with free-feeding in the first couple of weeks haha.

    Block of text I know.


    Fetch works, owner needs patience, have video proof.

    Loved aje's answer, get in help for the dog to chase :D had to tell my folks that <3
  8. Klexi

    Klexi Guest

    Same situation here! She is just starting to fetch.
    PATIENCE , perssistance and praise. That is what I am learning with the berner.
    Notice which one I need most lol

    So well said Roadie
  9. summersnowbr

    summersnowbr Active Member

    Keep working with her. My husband plays fetch with Sierra all the time. She gets really excited when he gets excited. When she gets tired she lays down and expects him to do the fetching.;) They really do need the praise every time they do the things you want them too.
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