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  1. lyraandlucy

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    please help! i have two berners that have fleas as well as a cat and i have washed them multiple times with flea shampoo and put flea treatment on them and all it did was dry out their skin so i dont want to wash them with any chemicals again. Is there ant home remedies that i can use on them that a cost efficient?
  2. dogspotindia

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    hey i think u should use some vinegar with water and bath him with this water do not use this solution near eyes and the open area of the body of dog.
  3. Danielle

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    Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth can be sprinkled on both the dogs and the cat to kill the fleas. You can also dust it lightly over their beds or any other surfaces where the fleas may be to kill them.

    Another option is to dilute tea tree oil in water and spray it onto the dogs. Be sure not to make the spray too potent as if ingested, tea tree oil can cause poisoning. I would advise against using tea tree oil on the cat as cats lick themselves on a regular basis.

    Hope this helps!

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