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  1. sguth28

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    Just wondering what people are feeding their Berners? Right now we are using Purina Large Puppy.
  2. apage104

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    We have an 11 week old Bernese and our breeder suggested IAMS large puppy. It has been ok so far, but we may change to something of better quality later.
  3. dangiers

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    I'm feeding my Berner the Costco, Kirkland large adult dog food. Winter, my berner, can't get enough of it
  4. Gypsy2015

    Gypsy2015 New Member

    We are using the same food; this is our second Berner, and the food was recommended by our first dog's breeder.

    How much does you dog eat per day?
  5. bernerlovr!

    bernerlovr! New Member

    I fed my first male berner Fromm's and did great on it lived til 9! My Gracie is on NutriSource Grain Free with green beans as a filler because she's a piglet lol. And I add a raw egg in maybe 1 or 2x a week. Helps their beautiful coat! Supermarket food is not good for them. Make sure the first ingredient is a protein.
  6. egnan

    egnan New Member

    We feed our 7 month old Piper raw since we took her home at 12 weeks. She loves it!!
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  7. toan365

    toan365 New Member

    We have an 11 week old Bernese and our breeder suggested IAMS large puppy. It has been ok so far, but we may change to something of better quality later.
  8. Cassy

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  9. Martlet

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    Our breeder suggested Taste of the Wild and told us to stay grain free. Our vet said we need large breed puppy instead. We recently switched to Chicken Soup for the Soul because it had similar content percentages to the large breed puppy and was still grain free. It was also much less expensive.

    So far so good.
  10. Cassy

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  11. summersnowbr

    summersnowbr Active Member

    The food you feed your dog can help or cause problems with ears, skin, overall health and behavior. Bernese owners feed a range of food from raw diet, homemade diets to commercially prepared kibble. No matter what type of feed, Bernese owners seem to agree to feed a high quality food with relatively low protein level, approximately 18 -26% and a moderate fat content, under 16%. The following - http;// is an informative website listing a number of commercially prepared dog foods, ingredients, website addresses, and contact information. The Whole Dog Journal at prepares an annual listing of quality feeds. Whether the feed is grain based or meat based, owners should search to find out what works best for their dog. Quantity will vary according to exercise and time of year. A young growing dog will eat more than an adult dog. Rely on your breeder for tips on managing puppy diet to optimize development. The most important thing is to monitor intake and make sure your dog does not get overweight and is healthy.
  12. eeweew1983

    eeweew1983 New Member

    Would it be okay to mix a high end kibble like Fromm with a raw diet from Happee Dawg. Im currently feeding raw just wanted to know if it is okay
  13. egnan

    egnan New Member

    From what I understand this is not recommended. It was explained to me that they get digested at different rates. Kibble sits in the digestive tract for longer than raw does so by mixing the two the possibility of the raw staying in the gut for too long is a concern. I do know of people who do this but they feed raw in the morning and kibble at night.

    Our girl decided one day she didn't want to eat raw anymore and I couldn't get myself to convert to kibble. So I did some research and came across dehydrated raw. Many companies are sooo expensive that for a 100lb dog it would be ~$40/day. Not feasible. But I did find a company up here in Canada based out of Quebec that does a dehydrated raw at a realistic price. I pay ~$4.5/day (still feeding puppy portions which is twice adult portions, so $2.25/day for adult) which is comparable to our high end kibble prices and actually slightly lower than our raw prices! The company is CaniSource and the product is Grand Cru. There is a red meat blend and a grain free fish blend (more expensive). This product DOES NOT get rehydrated! So it's the benefits of raw with the crunch (and ease) of kibble. Check it out :)
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  14. Hank

    Hank New Member

    I have fed Hank Merrick brand for almost 5 years now and he loves it (you can buy it at Petco). It's very highly rated and made in the US, and they offer various flavors I mix up for variety. It's more expensive than other brands but ensuring high quality nutrition is worth it to me. He'll be 5 years old in a few weeks and he is super healthy and full of energy :)

    They also have good customer service. I once bought a bag of their backcountry variety that had no raw bits inside like it's supposed to. I let them know and after returning it to the store they quickly sent me about $30 in coupons.
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  15. Alpha1

    Alpha1 Member

    Purina large puppy was recommended to us by almost everyone I know and we have been using it ever since.
  16. will47

    will47 New Member

    We have a 1 year old who's had giardia and a sensitive stomach since we got him at 6 or 7 months old. We have been using Canidae (bison grain free; their regular large breed food didn't seem to agree with him), and have been testing out Nature's Variety Instinct limited ingredient. He's still not neutered, and still seems hungry even if he eats 5+ C of dry kibble a day.
  17. summersnowbr

    summersnowbr Active Member

    Remember that if he still has Giardia his stools will still be loose. Changing brands you must remember to go 50/50 and you still may have loose stools for awhile. Also, not sure if you are doing treats but if so what are the ingredients in the treats. With Sierra we had to go to lamb and rice treats only. Sierra is on Nulo Salmon dog food (adult) she has completed her first heat and is doing very well on it. Some days Sierra is hungrier then others depending on what we do that day she is up to 4 mile walks spread out 1/2 morning, 1/2 late afternoon. The temperature out side is colder now and we noticed her appetite has picked up.
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  18. will47

    will47 New Member

    From what I understand, many dogs are still carriers for life, but many / most are able to keep it under control as they get older. Our vet specifically said that the loose stools still could be relate to the food (though he was pretty stable on the Canidae bison food for a while). The quantity of food is also tricky, he is still not putting on much weight, and always seems hungry, but if we go past 5 1/2 cups, that also seems to give him some diarrhea. We do also give high quality probiotics once a day along with his kibble. [edit: he's still not neutered, which may be another reason why he's always hungry]

    We don't really do treats for the most part, just little bits of kibble.

    He was stable (and didn't have cysts in his fecal tests) for quite a while after the last treatment with ronidazole (we also shampooed him with some diluted hibiclens and cleaned the house with bleach etc. after each treatment, and generally don't let him outside unsupervised. He does really enjoy eating poop, though, and while we're vigilant about it, he is at the dog sitters or other places sometimes where we don't have total control. Most recent bout of bad diarrhea was after he had been boarded for about a week, though in a home environment with only a couple of other dogs. We will probably do another round of ronidazole, though I know that sometimes, the antibiotics cause their own set of problems.

    If he eats homemade chicken and rice, generally his stools are great, but for practical reasons, as well as nutrition, this obviously isn't really practical as a long-term solution.
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  19. moondoggie

    moondoggie New Member

    Did you say he is eating poop? Was his cond. diagnosed by stool sample or a vet guess? Curious because when my puppy came home for the first 4-5 months i was running to vet for stool checks from constsnt diarrhea. He is on Solid gold Bison because poultry causes his diarrhea and probiotics,yogurt all made it worse. If they didn't confirm dobt give meds change to red meat food.
  20. will47

    will47 New Member

    I'm not quite sure what you're saying.

    The poop eating isn't a condition. But his giardia has definitely been diagnosed multiple times by multiple vets, and he's had multiple treatments with different antibiotics / dewormers. ronidazole seemed to be more effective than the other more typical options they tried.

    I'm not sure what you mean about food, as I said above, he's been on a bison-based kibble for 5+ months. And poultry isn't the problem in his case, since he does great on home cooked chicken + rice.

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