Gastropexy or not?

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    Hi everyone! I am a first time Berner owner and I'm in love! My pup, Bodhi, is 8 months old and we are getting ready to neuter him. Our vet is STRONGLY recommending gastropexy on him. Our vet doesn't do the laparoscopic version and we've been told that Bodhi will come home with a 3-4 inch incision and we will have to keep him quiet for 3 weeks to be sure the stomach adheres to his abdominal wall. I have a few concerns - first - is it really necessary to gastropexy a Berner? I read that they are at moderate risk. Has anyone else done this preventative procedure? Second - how can I keep my 8 month old rambunctious pup quiet for 3 weeks? He never responded well to crate training and now I'm worried that we won't be able to keep him quiet enough and the surgery will fail. Third - if you have any experience/ideas around bloat and gastropexy, I'd love to hear about it. Thank you for your help! Alexis
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    Hi there,
    I was hoping that someone who had been through bloat, or gastropexy would have replied to your post. I'm not sure I can be of much help other than offering you our own process in making the decision we did. We had to make this same decision last summer and it was a challenge. We opted not to do the surgery, but off the bat I will say that the laparascopic (sp?) is less invasive and shorter healing, so if your vet cannot do it, I would ask for a recommendation for someone who can. Really you should choose the least invasive procedure should you decide to do the surgery.
    There were a few reasons we opted not to do it. First we spoke with our breeder and there wasn't a history in the line, not that it's necessarily hereditary, but if there was a history it would increase our odds and be a cause for concern. We aren't fans of unnecessary procedures in general so we felt that we would have needed a concrete reason to go ahead with it. Next there are ways of avoiding and preventing bloat. No strenuous exercise an hour before and two hours after meals. Smaller meals more often. Minding water consumption just after a meal, particularly if you are feeding dry kibble. I even think that choosing wet or raw food over dry food is a better option, it is dry food that can expand in the stomach causing bloat, though right now we are still on a high quality kibble but considering a wet or raw diet for these reasons. Doing the research, we felt like these preventatives were doable for us, our schedule and lifestyle and with no history in the line, ultimately we opted not to do it. That said, I do have a friend who lost a Berner to bloat and she has a very different opinion about it.
    I think this is a really personal decision, so I would not want to sway you one way or another, but perhaps by sharing our decision and how we came to it and hopefully others will share their choices and research, with all of that you can make an informed choice for your own pup.
    Hope this is helpful for you
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    Thank you for your reply! I appreciate your thoughts on why you didn't have the surgery done. My husband and I are still weighing the pros and cons. Thanks again!! Alexis
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    Gastroplexy Surgert

    I am going to neuter my boy next month. He will be 15 months. I still don't know if I should do the surgery or no for precaution. Feed back please.
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    We chose not to do it. New research has shown that it's mostly a genetic issue. Here's an article you can read. It talks about Great Danes, but seems relevant.
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    Gastroplexy Surgery

    Thank you for the website

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