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  1. BernerDad

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    hi all

    Milo just had his birthday and I want to find a good harness that can be used for carting. I don't want to add any weight to it yet just want to get used to him wearing it
    We live in Ontario Canada , do any of you have and ideas where or who I should find to get a harness for him from?
    Thanks as always.
  2. summersnowbr

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    When I had my Great Pyrenees they pulled carts. I got the harness and cart at dog works store. Then later I was at a dog show in Virginia and a vendor made really nice leather harness lined with fake fur on the side that would be up against the fur of the dog. This harness was much heavier then the one at Dog Works store, I only used the leather one on the dogs when they were fully matured, around 3 years of age. I sold the whole set up when we moved but now that we have Sierra I'm planning on getting another when she is fully grown around 3 years of age.

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