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    My heart is breaking....we have serious problems with our almost 3 year old Bernese ...and I need sound advice. My husband and I just may not able to deal with the challenges Boomer has presented and the reality is we have to do something.

    Boomer was a Christmas gift from our daughter shortly after we lost our 10 yr old Golden Retriever. He has a dominant personality and was termed bossy by our puppy class trainer. We have had some professional help from our area with Boomer, but it has been less that stellar. One used a shock collar on him without our knowledge, another wanted us to buy one to use, and another just didn't seem interested or felt unable to help us.

    After doing a lot of reading, I think we have been dealing with what some call "Resource Guarding." Boomer steals a shoe, Kleenex, paper towel, pen, brush, whatever happens to be within his reach. Following some suggestions I read, in a non-threatening, upbeat voice I say...Oh Boomer, what did you find? You don't need that, can I have it, etc. Drop...He will drop the item at times on command or I use the bait and switch method. I divert his attention with something more valuable like a treat, we go outside, whatever needed to remove him from the item. I have known that we need additional help with this and have made calls outside our area, but so far no one will call us back.

    Boomer reacts to my husband differently that me, our son or daughter. We wonder if he connects something from the male trainer with the shock collar and my husband. Boomer will not drop or surrender an item to my husband, and if Boomer is left in the room and my husband reaches for the item, Boomer growls, lunges and bites. It escalated Thursday night, Boomer lunged at my husband and bit him several times.

    It is so strange because my husband is the one who walks Boomer. He brings toys to my husband and drops them in his lap when he wants to play, he lays down by his chair to sleep and sleeps on the floor on his side of the bed.

    With his bite history I know it will be hard to place him in another home. I refuse to think about the alternative. I need help but don't know where to go.
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    My suggestion would be to contact a rescue group that takes in pit bulls, German Shepard's or other commonly though of aggressive breeds (I am not stereotyping and I know that they are both wonderful breeds) Reputable rescue groups that deal with damaged dogs usually have a great trainer, who knows how to help troubled dogs and help make them adoptable.

    Contact a couple of these groups local to you or maybe your humane society, find out who their trainer is.

    A few hundred dollars invested in a good trainer will be worth it.
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    Have you tried giving him the cold shoulder? Our girl Rosie once bit my wife on the finger after she scolded her for stealing a piece of fish from the table. Afterward we just completely ignored her for a really long time and that seemed to really help her understand how bad she was...
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    Oh no! What happened here. I hope it is a good ending. :confused:
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    I wish I knew how it turned out... I emailed them several times, and never heard anything back. In my mind... everyone lives happily every after !
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    I will subscribe to that ending. :):D:p:

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