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    My boyfriend and I adopted a 4 year old Berner 2/17. His previous situation, he was a house dog for 3 years (raised with children, housebroken, etc). Previous owners have kept him outside in a pen for the last year. I had to take him. Anyway- the dog is sweet 90% of the time. He cried when I leave the house, and is showing protective traits towards me already. But sometimes, he shows signs of aggression. He does not like to be told “no”. For example, when we brought him home, he walked in and immediately lifted his leg on our brand new sofa. My boyfriend said “no” and the dog growled at him before proceeding to let us walk him outside. He was chewing up a napkin this afternoon, and my boyfriend said “no” and got growled at again. We hired a dog trainer/behaviorist for a whopping $700 (6 month contract) but this guy doesn’t seem to know how to tone down the dogs aggression, and just focuses on proper training. I am becoming afraid of the dog and with his size, I do not feel comfortable in my own home. Is this something that will subside? Is he still nervous being in a new place? Any tips on dealing with the growling? I am terrified one of us will get bit— it’s just a matter of time. I need peace of mind. Please help!
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    Hav you resolved this issue

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