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    Hey everyone!
    I have a bernese thats about 5 months old now but whats been concerning me is that this breed is obviously meant for cold weather but i live in jakarta, indonesia where the average weather is 28°C/82°F throughout the year.
    Of course most of the time we keep him in air conditioned rooms so its alright, but at times where theres no one at home we had to keep him in his cage where its not in an air conditioned room. Its not hot to the point where he might over heat but i just feel really bad for him since its obviously not the temperature he should be in. Does anyone have any tips that could keep him cool or prevent him from over heating? Should i teach him to swim?
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    There are cooling pads (should be available in any good pet store or Amazon) which are only activated if the dog lies on them, thats really great for hot weather. You could just put it under a blanket or dog bed for example.

    Since dogs only sweat through their paws and tongue, it would be enough if he only stepped into a pool of cool water, even if he doesn't want to swim. My dog does this. She either only stands inside the water or sometimes even sits in it, if it's only a few centimeters deep.
    This is enough for them to cool down.
    She can swim but mostly she only likes to stand or walk in water.

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