how do you get rid of wet doggy smell

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  1. frisssel

    frisssel Member

    I've been reading that you are not suppose to bath Bernese. So If you don't bath them how do you get rid of the doggy smell?

    Storm is not only a mountain dog, but a swamp dog and Joe dirt dog. if he can get dirty he will. we also live at a lake and he loves to swim. no he is getting a skin condition. so can you shave BMD's . I heard that their coats don't grow in right if you shave them
  2. stitch413

    stitch413 New Member

    hello there,

    not sure where you heard that you couldn't bath a berner but i bath 'Darby' on a regular basis. He loves getting towel dried after his bath! I find that if you bath them too much then you will dry out there coats (removing the natural oils).

    I give darby a good grooming session 1st to get rid of the knots and tangles and them bath him with a gentle puppy shampoo, followed by a puppy conditioner... making sure to completely rinse the dog afterwards.

    after this he gets dried off and when he is completely dry i give him another brushing to remove any loose hair.

    Berners are a house dog really and so they require regular bathing* (darby gets it about once or twice every 3 months or so depending on the dirt) unless you like the wet dog smell!

    if the dirt is only on the surface of the coat it will fall away naturally - one of the benefits of the oily coat. but if it from - say dirty water - then it is deeper in the coat and may need a bath.

    ...hope this helps ;)
  3. frisssel

    frisssel Member

    thanks that helps.

    storm loves the water and now he has a skin condition. now i'm not sure how to prevent this. he stays wet forever.

    he too loves to get toweled dried, but hates the bathtub. But i hate the doggy smell worse.
  4. hwhite84

    hwhite84 New Member

    Only thing to be careful of is that bathing them too often can dry out their skin and coat.

    Try grooming more often instead, it gets the stray fur out and prevents it from matting or holding in the oils that can cause them to smell.

    I only bath Toa maybe three times/year now. But we brush him almost weekly and it makes a huge difference. But, he doesn't care much for swimming or getting too muddy. In the spring we just wash his paws and legs and in the rain or snow we keep a towel to dry him off with when he gets in the door.

    But, if you're ok with bathing yours more often, and there doesn't seem to be any adverse affects to the skin or coat then have at 'er :)
  5. hwhite84

    hwhite84 New Member

    Also there are "doggie colognes" that you can buy that you spray on the coat and brush through that makes them smell nice. I use that between baths for Toa so that he doesn't get smelling too bad!
  6. LouisBerner

    LouisBerner New Member

    is it okay if i bathe him once a week? but i make sure there is olive oil and fish oils in his diet.
  7. ISIS

    ISIS New Member

    Good Afternoon,

    Bathing Berners is perfectly acceptable but once a week is really asking for trouble.

    Once every three months is about right unless really "bogged" but we find that a good grooming every day, yep everyday, is enough to keep the coat healthy and remove any grime - however never groom a "wet" coat always rigorously towel dry or blow dry completely before grooming as wet hair will tear out rather than be dressed out.

    Please don't think about "shaving" as this will damage the coat irrevocably and may accelerate any skin issues and once your baby sheds you will see how exposed the skin bed can be.

    Any skin irritations should be addressed immediately as this can lead to the development of "hotspots" which if not dealt with can become malignant.

    Hope this helps.
  8. LouisBerner

    LouisBerner New Member

    thank you :) did'nt know that. Yes, i regularly brush and groom him. One time, i brushed him after 10 minutes of drying. When he was a puppy, he has dermatitis, but now, he is healed and his skin is doing good. The problem with smelly dog is that when we are at the dog park, other dogs play and i want to let them play and their saliva is everywhere. That causes them to have that familiar doggy smell. But i have accepted that "dogs will be dogs" no matter what. I'll just watch out for the frequency in bathing him :)
  9. milliesmom

    milliesmom New Member

    i know this temporary solution may sound odd but you don't always have time to bathe any dog after a trip to the dog park. i've learned to keep Bounce dryer sheets around. i just rub her down. this is especially good if you're in a rainy area and your BMD goes out to do her business on a regular basis.
  10. LouisBerner

    LouisBerner New Member

    brushing and grooming him helps remove the result of playing with other dogs or dirt from the park. no more frequent bathing.
  11. Cleo

    Cleo Guest

    I give her a bath when her paws start to smell like corn chips. :D I have had her 2 months and bathed her 4 times. What can I say, I should have named her corn chip.

    I found a gentle tearless puppy shampoo with oatmeal for puppies with allergies. It smells wonderful and I have seen no adverse effect. She actually likes to be towel dried and we play bull fighter aftward with the towel. I try to make it as fun as possible.

    I also agree with the Bounce dryer sheet for freshening up. The Bounce dryer sheet is also a wonderful insect repellant.
  12. LuvmyBerner

    LuvmyBerner New Member

    Good morning...yes..a bath once a week is too much..we bath our berner about every 4-8 weeks, depending on what she has gotten into and if she has a show coming up. A nice brushing every couple days is necessary but never ever brush a dry coat..the coat does not have to be "wet" but a good misting with water or you can use conditioning sprays with mild scent. brushing a dry coat will break off the hairs. Also...never cut a berners hair!! That big beautiful double coat protects them in many ways. You can trim around their feet, pants, ears but shaving a berner unless medically necessary is not o good idea ( or any of the breeds with a double coat). Try getting your pup used to the blow dryer, can make the process of bath/dry time easier. Our girl tolerates her baths but LOVES getting blow dried..she insists on getting a quick "blow-dry' every morning when I dry my hair after the Good luck!
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