How much exercise does my berner need?

Discussion in 'First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions' started by OrtezOliva, May 23, 2016.

  1. OrtezOliva

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    My husband and I live in a Townhome. We have an 11 month old berner. I normally take our berner, Oso, on 30-45mimute walks in the morning. Then I take him to my parents home where he plays on about an acre of land with two collies. He is usually there for several hours and roams around, has free play, or just hangs out with the dogs. I usually take him out with me 4 to 5 times a week during the afternoon to stores I am able to bring him in for 1hour-2hours. Then in the evenings we usually go to the dog park for 30-60minutes if there are dogs out. If not, we will just sit outside and enjoy the scenery for about an hour. Is this enough exercise and stimulation for him? Or do I need to do more? Also I have noticed as it has gotten hotter he less motivated to walk as long in the morning. Should I make our walks shorter or does he just need time to acclimate?
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    Remind your dog how fun it is to play! exercise is very important. Well, 30 mins is fine.

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