I'm Exausted !! Any Tips ?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by MichelleandCooper, Sep 8, 2017.

  1. MichelleandCooper

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    Hi about 3 Weeks ago we got our baby but he is already 9 months Old he's a male and 100 pounds (the lady that had him couldnt take care of him anymore because of her age and recent health problems) first week was perfect !! Couldn't ask for better.. but the behaviors are coming out.. always wants to
    Playbite, or out of nowhere he will nip at you on your clothes ... and he sleeps all day and at night keeps me awake !! I bring him for at least an hour exercice a day.. and sometime try to burn him right out so he can sleep at night !! But doesnt seem to work.. i work all day so i understand that he might be lonely, but we give him alot of attention in the evenings ..
    exemple last night he cried and barked trying to wake me up. I brought him outside about 6 times and he just went and layed in the grass... i basicaly have to sleep on the coutch so he doesnt bark and wake up the kids ... any tips or is this normal ? I did researched and tried a couple of things.. but doesnt seem to work

  2. Berner love

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  3. Berner love

    Berner love New Member

    He was in a bit of shock being in a new environment now that he’s relaxed he letting his real traits come out! The previous owner appears not to have spent much time trainingMy Berner is 3mos when he nips I push him away (gently not in anger) and do not acknowledge this behavior in any way, I don’t want to let him get my attention for this behavior what so ever.
    Whenever he is calm and showing appropriate behavior I lavish him with praise and a calm gentle voice. I have seen improvements in the nip bite behavior. I know every dog is diff but I want Truman to see the diff between good n bad behavior in a very black n white clear manner. Before I was prying his teeth off my ankle clothes etc with my hand I really think my contact with my hands lead him to believe it was a game to enjoy. He realizes he will not get the attention he wants with the nipping but he gets what he wants with the calmer behavior. And when he needs to blow off steam there tug tug with his TOYS. We do plenty of that. Being that your berner is older the habits may be hard to change. Try keeping him awake has much has possible and put crate has far away from kids room he may need to wail a little he will get it eventually. Get a meaty beef bone from butcher raw not cooked! Put it in the crate It may calm him enough to sleep. Truman loves his helps decrease nipping also.
    Good luck don’t give up keep us posted.
  4. MichelleandCooper

    MichelleandCooper New Member

    Hi, thanks i think you’re right. I posted this about 3 months ago, and alot has change since. We have been doing our best to train him. And he is doing really good :) he has stopped nipping, and to get our attention he would take our shoes, hats, etc .. and i would run to him and try to take it out of is mouth, i started ignoring and when he dropped it without me telling him to, i would give him attention. And it worked.
    You mentionned a crate, we dont have a crate for him,
    But with alot of patience we finally got some of the bad habbits out of the picture :)
    Thanks for replying ..
  5. JoJoKK

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    Our berner is around 10 months and has a ton of energy as well. He also playbites and nips at our sleeves, the only way we have been able to curb this is by making sure there is always a toy or bone available to replace our hands with. Was told by our vet that he will (hopefully) grow out of it by 2 years.

    We find Memphis still has a lot of energy as well. Gets the "zoomies". I am not sure if you are in an area where you get snow (we are in Canada and have a ton of it right now), but our puppy seems to be able to get out a lot of energy by playing out in it. Sometimes if he is getting a bit crazy in the house, we'll let him out back for about 10 minutes. He may not even do much running around or activity, but enjoys sitting outside and just watching, by the time 10 minutes or so has passed, he will come in and lay down almost right away. When he is having moments where he is really going crazy (zoomies) we try our best to not pay attention to him or try and get him to stop because thinks it just part of a game and usually makes it worse. Typically helps get him calm more quickly. Hope this helps!
  6. Berner love

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    Your Berners habits are identical to Truman’s who is 4mos old...they are such hot bodies perfecting the cold night air very calming being outside. It’s hysterical to see the bursts of energy and boom! They drop like a rock the nipping is much better for Truman a lot of redirecting and if that doesn’t work occasionally I just walk away he comes up to me very apologetic n sad love me berner mom I’m sorry...I melt and it’s all good these dogs are the best
  7. MichelleandCooper

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    Its fun to hear all your comments, makes me feel like its not only happening to me and i’m doing it all wrong !! lol
    Yes, lots of snow i also live in canada (NB) and just reveived a pilled of snow he loves it!! And it burns his energy) the bitting has really decreased (i buy him lots of bones and toys)
    He still has alot of energy and always wants our attention.. but i wouldnt trade him for the world

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