Keep Dogs Inside!!!! Everyone Read!!!

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Feedback' started by Cali'smom19, Oct 25, 2012.

  1. Cali'smom19

    Cali'smom19 New Member

    To all pet owners and lovers: WARNING
    Halloween and Trick-Or-Treat night are being deemed "National Kill a Pitbull Day" It is suggested you keep all dogs inside during this time and keep an eye out when they are outside. Watch for animals eating any type of food, it is rumored that they will use hot dogs soaked in antifreeze or another type of poison. :eek:
  2. Lynn

    Lynn New Member

    Thats very frightening glad I am in the UK.
  3. Qubelight

    Qubelight New Member

    How awful!!!

    I have a black cat and we never really worried during Halloween when I was younger. Of cause we would forget when it was halloween, my parents were very anti-american holidays. Something about it polluting the Aussie culture lol.

    It wasn't until my partner came along that I learned black cats have a habit of going missing or turning up dead after halloween and he now refuses to let my cat out on halloween.

    Seems shocking that people would do these things, especially since there is no point in disliking a breed of dog rather dislike the owners who train them incorrectly to show the dark side of their nature rather than the sweet family dog side they should be developing.
  4. Cali'smom19

    Cali'smom19 New Member

    well people are twisted unfortunately. Cali stayed indoors yesterday and will be indoors most of halloween too. Not risking it even if it is some kind of sick joke. Not sure how many people we have on here from the U.S, but i wanted to send out the message so that people know! freaked me out!

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