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Discussion in 'Bernese Mountain Dog Health Questions' started by Kyliekuchel, Feb 18, 2014.

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    Hello all, I have a 7 and a half month old male bernese Ronnie! He is a large boy weighing in at 43kg. It is very heavy for the age but by the vet he isn't fat just growing very fast. I have noticed he has been limping on his front left hand side leg. He is running around silly like this age does so it doesn't seem to worry him but he is lame when trotting. I have had him at the vet and they have put him on anti inflams and the vet wants to do an X-ray. I was just wondering could he have growing pains? Or what is everyone else's view on this? I would appreciate feedback from people that know this breed. Thankyou in advance.
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    95 pounds is very big for a 7 months old. He may not seem fat but fast growth can cause many issues in our breed. I would reduce his calories so his growth rate is about 2 pounds a week or 10 pounds a month. Any more than this really puts stress on muscles and ligaments as they cannot keep up with the rapid bone growth. Also be sure you are feeding an appropriate food - one made specifically for large breed puppies.

    It is hard to know where the limping is coming from. It could be growth pains. It could be OCD of the shoulder or it could be coming from the elbow. No matter what it is from the best thing you can do right now is slow that growth down. Depending on the issue plenty of moderate exercise will also help by strengthening those muscles to keep the joints protected. Of course, watch the jumping out of vehicles or off of furniture.
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    Thankyou very much your response has helped me. I am catching up with his breeder tomorrow to go over him. Thanks again
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    hey be serious about there 43 kg weight this is the region of limping and if you not take it seriously than your dog will suffering from the diseases called hip dysplasia. It is the sign of obesity and it creates more problem in feature.
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    Hey Kylie,

    I have a 6.5 month old Berner boy named Herbie - similar situation to yours except it's his front right leg and he's not a big boy (he was the runt). He's 32kg.

    He'd been playing with the hose (got himself all tangled and then jumped and rolled around) when he came up the back steps holding his little leg off the ground like a broken wing. After trips to the emergency vet and my regular vet (both times the limp was magically gone the second we walked in the door only to return the moment we got home - damn adrenaline) it finally got worse enough my regular vet was able to see it. He'd been on anti-inflammatories waiting for improvement for a week when my vet finally said an x-ray was needed.

    So yesterday he had the films done and it turns out he has elbow dysplasia. Apparently they can grow out of it and often it can just be caused by their awkward growth rates at this age - that said he's seeing an orthopaedic specialist on Tuesday and will probably need an MRI and maybe even surgery if shards of his elbow joint are breaking off.

    I found Herbie's limp most pronounced after a long-ish nap or at night as it got colder. He also has swelling in his joint, apparently caused by us having tiles which he found it hard to get up from with a dodgy leg so he was putting too much weight lifting himself up on his elbow.

    Hope this helps and I'd definitely go for the x-ray. I know they can be costly, but after I ended up having Herbie's moved forward by a week I can recommend it - an extra week on the less-than-helpful anti-inflammatories would've been a waste of time and very painful for my poor puppy! Good luck with your little boy.

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