Looking for a good shampoo for a berner puppy

Discussion in 'Bernese Mountain Dog Grooming Forum' started by Kruin, May 11, 2013.

  1. Kruin

    Kruin New Member

    I have a 10 week old berner named Ullr who come to work with me (I own a forestry business so I am in the woods all day). Needless to say he needs a bath, I have heard that you can use Johnson's baby shampoo? Is that ok or is there something better out there?
  2. BernerMax

    BernerMax New Member

    Just go to your pet store and buy something formulated for dogs (that way you know the PH is balanced for their coat)-- do you not have a pet store close?.....
  3. Kruin

    Kruin New Member

    I have a petsmart about fifty miles away in Bozeman.
  4. Danielle

    Danielle New Member

    The shampoo I use is all natural and is called Tropiclean. I use the papaya 2 in 1 formula which has the shampoo and conditioner. I have also used some of the natural shampoos from the drug store when I ran out of dog shampoo.
  5. Kimbernese

    Kimbernese New Member

    Our breeder recommended Suave baby shampoo and since I had some on hand (shampoo and conditioner all-in-one), I tried it. I really like it. :) It detangles and rinses out well.

    Personally, I think Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo strips away too much oil - I won't even use it on my children's hair. Their baby wash may be a little better than the straight shampoo, but since I like the Suave, I'm not motivated to try it out.
  6. BernerRescue

    BernerRescue New Member

    You need a dog shampoo that is PH balanced for their coat and skin...

    If not near an animal supply store of any kind, you can order online. Earthbath is what I recommend.

  7. Kimbernese

    Kimbernese New Member

  8. dogspotindia

    dogspotindia New Member

    The shampoo which contains Aloe leaf juice, Green tea extract, Witch hazel extract are the best suitable for your dog. Wet the coat completely with warm water. Apply shampoo gently, work back to the tail, Avoid eyes and ears.
  9. hlm

    hlm New Member

    we really love "shea pet's" oatmeal and shea butter shampoo, and their shea butter conditioner. For our last dog a golden, we used earthbath and swore by it, but our Berner has more sensitive skin and we have found shea pet's shampoo and conditioner work beautifully for him and really soothe and irritation or itchinessy
    Hope that's helpful :)
  10. NYBerners

    NYBerners New Member

    My favorite is a shampoo called Clean Start. You can buy it online and it can be diluted.
  11. dogspotindia

    dogspotindia New Member

    Hair treatment

    "Isle of dogs shampoo" helps to regulate hair fall and to heal all reasonably hair injury. This dog shampoo is ready victimization pure, clean secretion, a many-sided matter shaped by juvenile nurse bees to nourish the queen bee.:)

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