Meet Callie (6mo)

Discussion in 'Bernese Mountain Dog Pictures Forum' started by andjustdance, Sep 4, 2014.

  1. andjustdance

    andjustdance New Member

    Some pictures of my 6 month old Berner. As well as a pic of her at 9 weeks just for the awhhh factor.

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  2. KimberlyW

    KimberlyW New Member

  3. STACEE777

    STACEE777 New Member

    ooohh, callie is adorable and you have a great camera :) the photo's are so clear and beautiful. Thanks for sharing
  4. aje196

    aje196 Member

    Love the muddy pic!
  5. bernermom

    bernermom Administrator Staff Member

    She is adorable !! I love love love the one of her in the mud. They know how to have fun dont they? lol
  6. LouisBerner

    LouisBerner New Member

    your super adorable fur baby just gives me the giggles. don't make me envy okay :cool:
  7. Alpha1

    Alpha1 Member

    She has adorable eyes. They make me want another pup right about now.
  8. Jmiller

    Jmiller New Member

    She's beautiful!! I had a Berner named Callie. She unfortunately died at 1 year old from kidney disease. Made me happy to see your beautiful Callie!!
  9. Alpha1

    Alpha1 Member

    so sad, reminds me of a Berner we had when I was 10 years old.
  10. Cleo

    Cleo Guest

    She is stunning. I just lover berner baby pictures.
  11. Alpha1

    Alpha1 Member

    She is sooo cute:)
  12. Suzie J.

    Suzie J. New Member

    What a cutie!~
    Just look at those pretty peepers! <3

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