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Discussion in 'Bernese Mountain Dog Pictures Forum' started by kjorg1, Dec 26, 2013.

  1. kjorg1

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    Hi everyone,

    We are new to this site, but already I have found a few helpful threads. We have a 11 week old Berner female. She is beautiful and we just love her. She wasn't suppose to be our puppy, but the people that were on the list for her turned her down due to her bite. She has an overbite. The breeder knows me very well, and thought maybe I would like to have her. We did pay a small fee for her, and January 7th she goes back to the breeder to have her bottom front and canines pulled. This was a tough choice for me, but the UofM vet here in Mn said it was the best option.
    I will keep you all posted on that, but for now enjoy my little Frejya's photos and thank you for having us!



  2. Rico

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    Frejya is beautiful!!!!
  3. paulawhitcom

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    I agree with you that your dog is so beautiful and cute. I wish I could have a dog like this.

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