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  1. BernerDad

    BernerDad New Member

    Hello everyone.

    Our milo is now 8 1/2 months, he has spent each night since he came to us sleeping in his crate.
    At what age would you recommend he move to a bed instead of the crate?
    Thanks for your feedback!
  2. egnan

    egnan New Member

    We did the same with our pup. At 6 months we went camping and just gave her her bed within the tent. She did well staying on it and not bugging us on the airmattress. Came home with no intent of stopping the crate but on a whim thought we could test her out blocked in the kitchen where she couldn't do much damage. She's been fine. She snores so not allowed to sleep in the bedroom. And she heats up so fast she likes the cold tile of the kitchen. But my friend's 9 month golden ate the feet of the kitchen table when they tried ...I'm sure each dog is different.
  3. Bailey

    Bailey New Member

    Ours also stopped sleeping in the crate overnight at 6 months old. Started when we were on vacation: she just slept next to our bed and was perfectly fine. Different environment, perhaps? When we got home we tried to let her sleep in our room but it was too warm and stuffy for her so she slept downstairs. She prefers the cold slate floor in our mudroom. We have her blocked in with a 2' high baby gate that she can easily climb/jump over but she doesn't. Lazy pup. LOL. She will never sleep in the crate again. So far so good and she is quiet and happy overnight.

    I still crate her if I am going to be out of the house for a couple of hours (she is almost 8 months) but I am slowing trying to ween her of that. My hope is that I can pack up the crate by the time she turns one.

    Good luck! Maybe take her on a trip :)

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