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Discussion in 'Bernese Mountain Dog Food Forum' started by Coral the Berner, Dec 27, 2016.

  1. Coral the Berner

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    hey guys. My friend has a new Berner puppy named Coral. But the problem is that Coral doesn't like eating her kibbles and my friend is really worried. Coral is in good health condition, just got to new home for a week now, everything else is going well except the eating. Currently she is on Fromm blue bag the puppy food. Please help out, what should my friend do to encourage Coral eating her food? Sincerely!
  2. Coral the Berner

    Coral the Berner New Member

    Would appreciate any recommendations
  3. Hank

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    You could try putting some pebbles in your hand and try to get him to start eating a few at a time until he's used to it. You can also try moistening it slightly with some water or a small amount of wet canned food to get him more interested.
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  4. Momaire

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    Hi! When my Berner was a small puppy I used a small amount (a tablespoon or so) of low fat plain yogurt or cottage cheese as a topper on her kibble. When she got a little older I used a cooked egg or canned food. Now that she is an adult she still wants a taste of "real food" and she gets a few tiny pieces of whatever protein we are having that day. You really don't have to use much at all just enough to add some flavor to the dry stuff. Remember that's all added protein and calories and you don't want her to put on too much weigh. If a topper doesn't help, she just might not like the kibble brand and you can try another one. We went through several before we found one she liked. Good luck!

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