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Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by stealthify, Jan 10, 2018.

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    Hello everyone. We don't have our BMD pup yet she's only 2.5 weeks old. We haven't even picked out a name yet. I have been trying to figure out what we want to try to feed our pup when we finally bring her home. Our breeder said she feeds her litters Hill's Science Diet Large Breed puppy food. I do not plan on feeding this brand just for the fact that it has corn in it and want to do something a littler higher quality that Hill's. Our previous dog was a cattle dog and we had him on Nature's Recipe which was good but I do not see a Large Breed recipe for puppies.

    So I was really leaning towards TOTW(Taste of the Wild) kibble, they have calcium/phosphorus ratio 1.3:1 or 1.4:1 I believe. From my research that is what we should be concerned with, with this breed or am I overthinking this? Anyways TOTW also does not have a "Large Breed" formula they state it is ok for all stages of life including Large Breed. Does anyone have an opinion or thoughts or suggestions for food, I am open to any suggestions I'm not set on TOTW or anything as of now since we still have a few weeks. Or suggestions for female names?:)
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    Congrats on your soon to be puppy they are wonderful dogs for sure. Our not so little pup 52lb and counting just turned
    4mos. I always say talk to your breeder on food choice but again every pup is different and even the best quality food can may work for you dog. My breeder said nothing with more the 26 percent protein it can cause skin tummy problems who would have thought. My Truman is in the process of food Change occasionally has diarrhea inconsistent poop soft hard diarrhea BUT no weight loss has energy etc. he’s going on earthborn meadow feast all stages. No pork could be the prob. Breeder has been doing this for 20 years if you have trust and a good breeder they will give you good advise. Can’t wait to see pic of your pup hope you post it.

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