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    hi everyone, I am rescuing a berner from a not so great situation. He is a 4 year old named Jim. Jim used to be a family pet, but recently was moved to live outside in a pen. The owner says he was a little too friendly with the other female dogs they own, which is why they moved him outside. I am moving into a new house mid February and will be bringing Jim home as soon as I can. I met Jim for the first time this past weekend, and he was super sweet, however I noticed that he is lacking manners. He is definitely a jumper, which will be something we will need to work on. I have never owned this breed and I am wondering- at 4 years old, will he be receptive to training?
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    Prepare yourself I’m a first time berner mom and talk w/my breeder research constantly just to try and do right and keep up with my 5mo old! I love Truman but it’s hard work but worth it. I know they don’t re home very well and a backyard berner left to his own is just has you said less then ideal. They are not the easiest to train even in ideal circumstances. It sounds like he was loved what with his sweet personality but they get into everything and can reach everything what with there size and reach capacity. If you have a ton of patience and support from other more savvy berner owners that’s jade the battle good luck
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    Hello and welcome to the forum
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