Opinions on cooling beds/pads

Discussion in 'First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions' started by egnan, Mar 22, 2016.

  1. egnan

    egnan New Member

    Has anyone used a cooling bed or pad and what are your thoughts?
  2. Bailey

    Bailey New Member

    I bought one for our lakehouse in Maine. The house is not air-condioned because it is generally cool up there, but I am anticipating a few HOT days in July (we get a few every year) and the heat can be miserable.

    I have not opened the package yet. I am thinking it may have been a waste of money as my Berner likes to just find a cool spot on the cold floor, but I will let you know.

    The one I purchased does not have to go in the fridge. I got it at TJMAXX in New Jersey. It's the "chilly mat" brand that is cools when pressure is applied. It seems to be good quality.
  3. Graciekins12

    Graciekins12 New Member

    We bought our Berner a cool mat off Amazon and she LOVES it. She will lay on it 90% of the time when she is napping or chewing on a bone. Well worth the purchase in our case!
  4. Emstreet

    Emstreet New Member

    We bought one to put on the floor of the crate since she was either eating or peeing on everything else (blanket, towel, bathmat) and she didn't like the crate with nothing on the bottom. She likes the cooling mat in there and so far just peed on it once, easy to clean, and she's not eating it. Success!
  5. Daphne

    Daphne New Member

    We bought a cooling bed for our Berner last summer and it's definitely been worth the money. We got it off of Amazon (I think it's the K&H manufacturers or something like that). She likes to nap on it and sometimes lays on it to eat supper when she's feeling particularly lazy!

    My only word of caution with this bed in particular is that it becomes quite heavy once you add the water - we haven't had any problems with leaks but it's best to put it where you want it as it is difficult to move once filled.

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