Pawsawhile Berners - STAY AWAY!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Tash, Dec 2, 2013.

  1. Tash

    Tash New Member

    Hi everyone,

    Just wanted to let everyone about this particular breeder and to stay away!

    My family and I currently have a golden and we would like to get a Berner. I am happy to say that I have dodged this place and have found a reputable breeder and am awaiting one of their pups.

    Paul, the owner, or should I say "scientist" is nothing but a crook! We originally submitted our REFUNDABLE $100 deposit for a litter (to be one of the first picks!) Well, we decided to change our minds, as we visited other breeders and REALIZED, the way he had his dogs living is no way any animal should be raised. His puppies were in a kennel outside in the rain and his older dogs were kenneled in his dirty backyard. Now there is nothing wrong with having kennels...but after visiting other breeders whose kennels were well maintained, dogs beautifully kept, it was like night and day! But back to Paul, after speaking with him numerous times to refund our deposit, there has been no action taken on his part and it's my understanding we are not the first to be treated like this also.

    I had also bumped into a woman at a local petsmart and since I seen she had a Berner, got to talking....turns out she also got her girl from this breeder and at just 6 months needed a total hip replacement and Paul was nowhere!!! So glad I obtained that info before it was too late!

    Just want to remind everyone, stick to the clubs, visit breeders and by all means, stay away from this jerk! :mad:
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  2. Tigger_dog

    Tigger_dog New Member

    I couldn't agree more. my husband and i looked into pups and yes distance was a factor but now i wish we went farther.

    We were told we would be the first pick of the litter to find out we were third in line! not happy but we were happy to have our pup, we noticed a lump on his front paw and told Paul, just for him to say keep an eye on it. 2 weeks later the lump had doubled in size and brought him back for Paul to see he said to get it check by a vet but it shouldn't be anything serious, wrong, after a 300 vet bill i was told it was a mescal tumor this pup was 9 weeks old! Told Paul the results and he asked us to take the pup to his vet for a second opinion and he would be covering the cost (thank god!)

    once at his vet, he asked us where the dog was... we told him we had a 9 week old pup and with that said the vet looked at the pup and lump and told us that he has never seen a lump this size on a dog this small before.. we were devastated and were told he may not reach his first birthday! and to put him down would be the best thing to do.

    We contacted Paul and told him we need to talk about our options. the end result was we wanted our money back (we lost our dog only a few months before and figured this was a sign we were not ready for another pup just yet) money back was not an option on his end and taking the risk of sugary to have the lump removed was our only way to solve this!

    we ended up giving the pup back to Paul, as heart wrenching as that was i couldn't watch another dog go through the pain i had already watch my 1 1/2 year old go through again. it was Paul's decisions ti keep this pup alive with the chance of the tumor spreading through its body.
    Paul treated us as though we were the worst people on the plant, saying we were the first to return a pup in 18 year and what would we do if the next pup we got had problems? he knew what we went through with our previous dog... it madden me to be treated this way after pay a high amount of money for a pup!

    we were promised to be the first pick of the litter with whom ever we wanted from his "pack" every time i picked one he told me he already had deposits on them... all of them! finally 5 months later we finally got a pup and we did not deal with him but his "co-breeder" whom is very nice to deal with she kept us up to date on everything.

    we only saw Paul the day we picked the new pup up to sign the papers saying we took this pup whom he was charging $900 for when we paid full price at $1400 for the first pup!

    We love our new pup, he dose have health issues, physically and i can see him having issues when hes older but im going to tackle those hurdles when we get there cause like hell i will deal with him again!

    Stick to the sites and registered breeders, i wish we explored more!
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  3. Chago

    Chago New Member

    He ripped me off $100 deposit as well. Don't worry though I don't forget. I just wait until he forgets.
  4. Chago

    Chago New Member

    This should be stickied at the top. And any other breeders like them. So newbies coming here to do research will see it immediately. I came here after I gave that idiot a "refundable deposit". Then changed and never heard from him since.
  5. doglove

    doglove New Member

    Criminal activity -Paws Awhile Breeders - STAY AWAY!

    Stay away from this breeder and their dogs. Paul has often held himself out as a veterinarian and he is most certainly not; he has been criminally charged for fraud under this pretense. The dogs they breed are cared for but make no mistake, this business is with a view to profit and nothing more. They rise to the minimum standard of care only to keep selling the puppies.

    The females used for breeding are bred far younger and more often than is good for their health and well being.

    The local animal control authorities have been called on them several times and the only reason they haven't been shut down is that they know very well how to get around the technicalities of this area of the law.

    The Ontario College of Veterinarians published a Newsletter in December 2010 regarding a finding of guilt of Paul referring himself as a vet.
    The link to the newsletter:

    Lets help protect these dogs, please warn every one you know!
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  6. Sierra

    Sierra New Member

    I totally agree with the stay away message

    What a scammer. Put a deposit for two puppies, only received one, Paul kept our other deposit and wouldn't answer emails. Refused to send photos until it was time to pick a puppy, then after we picked a puppy, when we went to pick it up he gave us a different dog. He knew at the time we selected the dog that he was giving us another dog - he quoted us the microchip number of the dog we received, not the dog we selected. I have the photos to prove it. The puppies have very different faces and markings. Also, initially told us we were getting a tri color but the dog was black and white. It is just another puppy mill.
  7. BernerDad

    BernerDad New Member


    I don't want to take away any issues others have had regarding this breeder however, we got our now 6 month old berner from this breeder and we had nothing but a positive experience. Milo is happy and healthy as can be. Our transaction and interaction with Paul was great. He allowed us to visit many times to see the dogs and puppies both before and after the litter was born. We have met a number of others who experience was positive as well.
    I'm sorry about everyones experience that was negative and hope this doesn't happen to everyone.
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  8. dave L

    dave L New Member

    Questionable ethics...i visited Paul to check out the operation. He said that a deposit would hold my order in the upcoming litter and that i could cancel with my refund being returned right up until when the pups were ready for selection. Also, He told me that the Bernese are 'the heartbreak breed' because of high incidence of soft-tissue cancers. After thinking about that, i called him the next day to tell him i was cancelling and wanted my deposit back. He refused to return my calls and i never got my money back.
  9. Amy H

    Amy H New Member

    Im glad i drove 21 hours round trip and went thru 8 states on my way to Indiana to visit Mr Schakel at Schakel's Suffolks. I got to see his beautiful Berners and Great Pyrenees at work guarding his Suffolk sheep and his puppy setup is immaculate. He's been raising dogs for decades. Yes, this is his business but NO he is not a puppy mill or backyard breeder. It's great getting to see your breed of dog doing work. What a beautiful life his dogs live. I wanted my boy's sister that day but wasn't prepared to get 2. When I'm ready for another, I know where to go get a healthy and reasonably priced Berner. BUT, it is 21 hours round trip. That's the only negative for me.
  10. Scook

    Scook New Member

    We purchased our dog from Paul and last night at 3 years old, he died in our home. His parents were Cuba and Ozzy and he died from cancer. It started with severe weight loss and then they found his spleen was enlarged and low red blood cell count, we tried prednisone and other meds. I would like to research if any from the April 1, 2014 litter experienced anything the same. My kids and husband are devastated, it was a horrible evening and such a short life for the dog.

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