Petsmart grooming. What??????????

Discussion in 'Bernese Mountain Dog Grooming Forum' started by lynn2, Nov 11, 2011.

  1. lynn2

    lynn2 New Member

    I called the local petsmart today to set up my usual monthly grooming. I need to say i always used the same groomer but she relocated far away and I had different groomers the past few times.
    Well.... I mentioned while making the appointment that I DID NOT want the girl that did her last time because the grooming was not good and they left her wet and kind of smelly. The girl put me on hold. i need to say she had already scheduled me a new appointment with LADYX. When she came back she informed me she was reassigning me from the just scheduled LADYX to a GROOMER.
    She said since the dog came back wet and smelly she would THIS TIME make sure I just a GROOMER instead of another person!!!!:eek:

    So i am assuming if you only order bath and nails you have the possibility of getting the BATHER doing your dog instead of the GROOMER.
    I was just wondering WHY we are not told a GROOMER is not doing our dogs . Also is the thought that why am I paying a HIGH astronomical price for a dog bath under the assumption I am paying for a groomer to be blowing her out and doing her feet.... When it's just the bather putting her through like cattle!!!!!:mad:

    If I am paying for a groomer I EXPECT the GROOMER to be be at LEAST be doing the blow out and nails.
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  2. lyraandlucy

    lyraandlucy New Member

    former petsmart groomer

    Its because if you don't get stuff trimmed (except feet and sanitary) it is required that a bather do it. If it is not up to your standards kindly complain and ask for either a refund or a redo. Once you find some one you like STICK WITH THEM!! And honestly a tip makes them work harder. I hope this is helpful. If you need any more tips about the company just let me know. :)
  3. Cleo

    Cleo Guest

    lyraandlucy I have a question on the down low: Does it really take 2.5 hours to groom a BMD? The gal at Petsmart told me it takes a full 2.5 hours. I asked if it was complete attention for 2.5 hours and she answered matter-of-fact, "Yes. we are really thorough." I had a hard time imagining them scrubbing Cleo for an hour and a half which then gives them an hour to do table work. To be honest, I wondered if she sits in a cage for most of that time because she is only on the grooming table for a fraction of the time. The math just does not add up. I mean it is okay if she ha to sit in the cage and wait for a blow-dry station or a table to open up, but I think she should have been more honest about it. I am curious to hear what you have to say.
  4. Lem

    Lem New Member

    We have Titus groomed at PetSmart. It does take a really long time because of their double coat. Water generally rolls off of the BMD and it just takes more time to thoroughly wash and rinse. Their hair takes a long time to dry, and their coat takes a lot of brushing afterwards. It also makes a difference when you add teeth, nails, and ear cleaning. The groomers also make sure the dog is comfortable with them so they go at a pace that does not make the dog nervous. Our boy does not let just anyone groom him and they have always been able to work with him. Hope that helps. Our guy was there for 4 hours last time because he is more challenging to work with.
  5. Hank

    Hank New Member

    I just give my boy baths in the bathtub.
  6. aquala

    aquala New Member

    I went with Petsmart's bath and furminator grooming for my berner recently. So far I like the results of the deshedding products. I can run my fingers through his coat and nothing comes out, which I can't say when I bathe and groom him :D It's expensive but after asking around in the Toronto area I find the costs are about the same with local groomers since berners are big dogs! I would definitely do it again every couple of months.
  7. summersnowbr

    summersnowbr Active Member

    We are getting warmer where we live and Sierra is starting to blow her coat. I was brushing her today and I laid all the fur on the coffee table as a joke for my husband. Couldn't see the top of the coffee table. I should have taken a picture of this it looked real cute. We like Hank bath and groom Sierra at home. She has her own tub a soaking tub in the master bathroom that we don't use.;)

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