Please help! When does the biting at clothes stop?

Discussion in 'Bernese Mountain Dog Training Forum' started by Sienna, Feb 25, 2017.

  1. Sienna

    Sienna New Member

    my 4 month old puppy has seemed to develop a liking for biting on clothes- sleeves, pant legs even shoes when we are in the house. I say " no bite" yet she doesn't stop and will continue to do so. She will also not let go, just keeps holding on. Please will this get better? Is this a foreshadowing to a bigger dominant/aggressive future dog? For the record we have trainers. But nothing beats the advice of other Berner owners.
  2. summersnowbr

    summersnowbr Active Member

    This may or may not work for you. When she starts to bite you cloths or shoes make her sit. Then pet her and tell her that was a good sit. Some times puppies do the biting for attention. Some of the biting could still be teething, some loose teeth up to 8 months. What ever her reason for biting or nipping she still has to learn that biting a person is not allowed. Try handing her a toy when she bits. It does get better as they get older. If I remember right Sierra stopped at 6 months. She was still loosing teeth but she seemed to understand that we didn't play that way.
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  3. Amy H

    Amy H New Member

    As a new member, I'm going through reading all the posts and noticing that #summersnowbr gives the best advice. Sure do appreciate her contributions to the forum.
  4. summersnowbr

    summersnowbr Active Member

    Thank you, just trying to help everyone!
  5. LeonilKyle

    LeonilKyle Member

    How was your puppy now sienna? Does he still loves to bite your clothes? Usually pups would make it a habit to bite on your things if they won't get the right training for that.
  6. Sienna

    Sienna New Member

    Update: my puppy is now 7 months old. I remember asking the breeder (who has been breeding for 30 years, owns 10 Berners) what should I do about nipping? About jumping? Her response, always be gentle,you can say no while gently holding muzzle...but always be gentle because eventually they stop.

    Well, like a first time parent I lacked the foresight of the natural progression of development etc...Overnight, once she got her adult teeth the nipping stopped. What did I do while she nipped? Substitute my hand for toys. The clothes, I just tried to substitute something else for her to do. The trainer said she's doing the nipping at clothes because it's similar to her other toy, she's bored and trying to make her own fun. I ended up saying "no" in firm voice and point my finger at her so she knows I'm meaning business. That seemed to work. Also redirect as she's just looking for fun.

    She is truly a huge bundle of love and joy. I've never had a dog and I can't imagine life without my Berner. She's not perfect, right now we are working on walking more calmly on a leash without going berserk when someone wants to pet her. And to just walk calmly and be able to walk past people nonchalantly instead of me holding tightly on the leash on guard for when she decides that the passerby looks like a good jumping target. For this, I'd appreciate tips. Now, I just say "no jump" or when someone is coming towards us on sidewalk I say "look" and she focuses on me and gets a treat. I have a trainer coming to my house this Wednesday.

    But seriously, a Berner is an Angel in a dog suit. I love my Berner so much!!!!
  7. Tlund

    Tlund New Member

    Hi I have two. I just lost my 5 year old in December. Shiloh and I have a 12 year old, Murphy and I just received my new puppy Harper in February. My Shiloh was a stinker to walk by other dogs so I started just making calming noises like shhhh or “ good girl Shiloh” and that totally helped her A LOT. Super wierd don’t know why. Now I’m dealing with the nipping, biting, OUCH! So I’m searching for help. She starts training Wed but I’m desperate. My arms look like a chewed bone.

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