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Discussion in 'Bernese Mountain Dog Training Forum' started by Nubia's mom, May 26, 2009.

  1. Nubia's mom

    Nubia's mom New Member

    From day one Nubia was a very polite and clean little lady. In the house she will only mess on her special diaper. She has had so few accidents as a pup that its not worth mentioning.

    However over the past few weeks that she has been allowed outdoors (fenced-in yard so she is outside most of the day) she has gotten into a really nasty routine:mad: of pooping the minute she gets back from her walk. We can walk her around for nearly an hour and she will not "go"
    Once back in the yard she will poop within minutes:(..... Its driving me nuts.... at 4 months her poop is no longer cute!

    any ideas????
  2. hwhite84

    hwhite84 New Member

    So she's pooping inside once she gets home?

    All I can suggest is that by teaching her to go on her "diaper" you have taught her that that is where she is to go. This is why I don't agree with potty training a puppy with the puppy pads. It's my opinion that they should be used as a means of catching any accidents instead of teaching the dog to actually go on the pads. Are you crate training her? She might be less likely to soil her crate if the space is small enough for her.

    I would suggest removing the puppy pads completely. Take her outside frequently and praise her when she goes so that she knows that is her new spot.

    If she poops in the house, take the poop outside and then later on, after she eats and you know she might have to go, take her outside, let her smell it and it might trigger her to start going since her scent is already outside. It's going to require some patience and perserverance on your part. But it'll be worth it. Berners are smart animals so she may catch on quickly.
  3. bernermom

    bernermom Administrator Staff Member

    Are you saying that she poops in the house? or in your yard when you get home? If it is in the house, I see where there is a problem, but if she is waiting to poop in her own yard instead of the neighbors..... I would say she has good manners :)
  4. Nubia's mom

    Nubia's mom New Member

    :) Ok, she poops in our yard, not in the house. We go out for her walks and the minute she is back in the yard.... "here mommy look what I can do..." and she deposites a nice warm mountain on the lawn..... As for her good manners:D they are not really needed. You see where we live all yards are wall/fenced in so she could not wander into someone elses yard, plus we live out in no man's land and she could fertilize an entire forest if she wanted to:D and never have it be an issue. (I do carry a poop scoop in vain though) But noooo she saves it for when we get home...

    She has not been crate trained, we keep her in the kitchen at night with a baby gate (which I will probably do away with since she is so good indoors) and the puppy pads are only used at night at this point, just in case she cant hold it. On most days I wake up to a dry clean puppy pad.
  5. hwhite84

    hwhite84 New Member

    Waiting to go somewhere familiar at first is normal.... our pup sometimes wouldn't even pee until we came home after walks. My husband thought it was really funny. Don't worry, though, she will learn eventually.

    Also, we brought Toa home in the fall and there was snow on the ground ever since, and now that his first spring has come, he was at first trying to find any space of snow he could before it all melted and he would only go on that! But, once all of it melted he had no choice and learned that it was not so bad. :)
  6. Nubia's mom

    Nubia's mom New Member

    Oh that's too funny:D:D, looking for his snow spot.. I can just picture it! lol

    I know she will eventually grow out of this stage I was just hoping somebody could suggest an overnight trick to stop her from pooping all over the back yard.... I actually thought of taking some of her poop with us during our walks and putting it on the ground so she could smell it and maybe figure out what she is supposed to do. I know it sound really gross but stepping in her poop (3rd time yesterday) is alot worse:(...
  7. Advigeden

    Advigeden New Member

    Need help!! How do you remove cat pee odor?

    Sorry this might be off topic.

    My cat is getting old and peeing everywhere. grrrr!

    I need to remove cat pee odor from a carpet. Does anyone no a good product or household remedy to remove cat pee from carpet?

    thanks in advance.

  8. hwhite84

    hwhite84 New Member

    Nubia's mom:
    You can try taking her out if you are able to tell when she has to go to the bathroom... usually I know when Toa has to go because of his eating schedule...so I can almost time it! lol

    You can try taking her right past the yard and out somewhere else and see if she'll have to go bad enough that she won't wait for the yard....

    About that cat... I had a kitten that peed everywhere and I tried sooo many products, and even rented a carpet cleaner and special soap for it. It still smelled like pee when I put my nose to the carpet! The BEST thing that I tried out of everything at the pet store is OUT. It is in a white bottle with I think a pink/blue/yellow label. You can buy it in the small spray jug, but I just bought the econo-size big jug and poured it on there. Soak the carpet, let it sit and dry. You might have to do it a couple times but it works and it was the only thing that I found to really get the smell out like it claims. Here is a link, only I didn't get the "oxy clean" kind....

    Walmart.com: OUT! Oxy Stain & Odor Remover Spray, 32 oz: Dogs
  9. Nubia's mom

    Nubia's mom New Member

    Nubia had a breaktrough!!! She finally has pooped outside the yard:D. One small step for Nubia one giant leap for our back yard! I know it will still take a while before she completely stops going in the yard but for 2 days in a row its been great.

    Is it me or is it crazy to be thrilled at doggie poo...:confused:
  10. Lynn

    Lynn New Member

    Ollie was a nightmare to house train we needed the patients of the Saints he was nearly a year old before he got the hang of it. He is really good now he does prefer not to toilet in the garden but will if he needs too.

    Our previous dog not a Berner was house trained at 5 months and would normally only go in the garden so they all have their own ways of dealing with life.
  11. dogtoystim

    dogtoystim New Member

    The BEST thing that I tried out of everything at the pet store is OUT. It is in a white bottle with I think a pink/blue/yellow label. You can buy it in the small spray jug, but I just bought the econo-size big jug and poured it on there. yes, that's true:D
  12. Alexandros

    Alexandros New Member

    Potty training takes several months. After a few weeks you can start to see some results but it will take more work and patience. Keep up the training and you will eventually see your work pay off. Most puppies can be trained by 6 to 9 months old, sometimes sooner, sometimes it takes a little extra time.

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