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    Our puppy is almost 14 weeks.. he was the smallest of his litter and he is still small for his age, but really really cute! He is really stubborn and smart, and he chews on everything! we are having some difficulties in housebreaking him. I try to take him out as soon as he shows any sign (after he eats, sleeps or plays), but sometimes he just waits until he comes back home to pee again. Or he he lays down and he refuses to go out and after two minutes he pees inside. In the living room we have carpet, and he loves to pee on the carpet. I'd like to have him always with me, but I can't let him go to the dining room without watching him closely. We always reward him when he goes potty outside, but he doesn't seem to care. He just seems to think that is ok to pee inside. Any suggestion? He also asks for water a lot in the evening, I know I should take away the water after 9, but when he sits next to the water bowl and looks at me with his cute face, how can I resist? if he is thirsty, shouldn't he be able to drink?
    Another question: At 14 weeks, how many hours can he sleep at night without potty break? He usually goes out at midnight, and then my husband wants to take him out at 2.30 (he is the one who worries more for ), and he wakes up at 6.15. The trainer told me that he doesn't need to go out so often, and that he can easily stay in the crate for 6-7 hours (she says that at 4 months he could wait 8-9 hours, but it seems too much for me), what are your experiences?
    thank you!
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    First of all..Congratulations on the new addition!

    Nothing against your trainer, but they are expecting WAY to much out of a puppy. And specially a Berner. I think the general rule is they can hold it about 1 hour for every month old they are. But that isn't to say that when they are 9 months old they can hold it for 9 hours. From 3 to 6 months I would stick with at least every three hours. Factor in that you also need to go out after every meal, playing, or naps. It's a lot I know, but it will eventually pay off :) It could be that your pup could learn to "hold it " longer, but but holding it when they really need to go, you risk bladder infections. :(

    We have never crated at night. Only when we are not at home. Our first Berner slept right between us in bed so when he would wake up whether it was after 1 hour or 4, we would get up then and take him out.

    Good luck !!
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    We got our berner at 12 weeks and it took us until about 16 weeks to get her what I consider housetrained. We crated her for bedtime only giving her enough space to lay down because she would also pee in her crate when we gave her too much space. First three or four weeks I got up every 2 to 3 hours to potty her. No excitement no praise just open the crate make her go pee, give her praise then and put her right back in the crate with no excitement. There were some very cold nights I had to stay outside for 20 to 30 minutes until she went pee. I never disciplined her when she went inside but if I was able to catch her it was instant no and picked her up and went outside then told her to do her business. As time went on I slowly extended the 2 hr to 3 hr and then to 4 hr. She just seemed to clue in one day. After about 16 weeks she held it through the night (7-8hours) but would need to pee immediately upon being let out. I blocked access to anything soft (carpet, rug, beds) until she proved she could hold it through the night because she would pee instantly when on a soft surface. I still don't trust her and she still doesn't 'ask' to go out, we have just made a routine and she gets it. I cut off water 2 hr before bed. I encouraged drinking up to that time just so I felt better that she had indeed drank something since she wasn't getting another sip for 8 hr.
    Just stick with and be consistent. Don't expect more than he can do.
    Piper is now 5.5 months and has a water dish in her crate 24hr and we havn't had an accident since.
    Enjoy your little munchin!
    P.s. I made a fool of myself every time she successfully went pee outside. Like a serious fool. At 3 am. In my pj's. I have picked her up mid pee on the rug and en route outside she continued to pee in my hands. All worth it!
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    Thank you both!

    I am doing the same as Egnan (no disciplined but if I am able to catch him I say no and immediately take him out!). I don't mind waking up at night, I knew it when I took home Roger. I just wanted to be sure that was the right think to do and he wasn't just lazy or asking for attention as the trainer suggested. I think I'll change trainer, It is ok for puppy socialization, but he seems to hard on dogs in my opinion, and this potty training discussion seems to prove it!

    Thank you both again!
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    One thing I would check is does your puppy have a urinary track infection. I had years ago a Great Pyrenees puppy and it did what you talk about. Pee outside and then 5 minutes later pee inside. I went to the vet for the last shot mentioned it to the vet and she check for the infection and it had it. Once on med I no longer had that problem with the pup. If this is not the problem then I would take your puppy out more then normal teaching it that the proper place to pee is outside. Also, are you using the scent remover in the spots he has peed on? Other thoughts are are you the original owner of the house. If not maybe previous owner had animals that peed on the floor there. Maybe you should hire someone to disinfect the carpet.
    Our puppy Sierra was house broken in 2 days of our bringing her home. At night for the first couple of weeks we took her out every 2 hours. That was when she would wake up and bark. Then by 3 months she was waking up wanting out in 4 hours. At 4 months she goes from 9:00pm to 5:30am which she wakes us up with a small whin. She is now 23 weeks old. We never gave her a treat for peeing or pooping out side just the words "good girl" trainer said to never do the treats because that may make them pee any where if they decide a treat sounds good on a hungry stomach. Keep working with him because as an owner of other large breeds I must say this one is the best we ever had.
  6. Roger

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    Thank you

    I told to the vet about this problem, and she just answered me that it's a normal puppy behavior. Actually today for the first time he is asking to go out and we had no accidents in the house, I can't believe it! He had diarrhea, so this morning we went to the vet and he gave to him special food, antibiotics for giardia and a more powerful dewormer, I don't know if this things are related. I don't even know if it is the best therapy, since the results of the stool exam will arrive only on Monday.. he did not pooped today at all! He always makes me worry! my sister has a golder retriever, but he just slept all day and night and did not have any problem, Roger sometimes drives me crazy! I love him too much!
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    Potty training takes time and patience. I would start with making a simple command to potty. I use "hurry" with my dogs - every time you take the dog out to go potty - give them the command and praise them and say "good hurry" (or whatever command you choose) after they go and they will learn very quickly what you are asking of them.

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