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    Our berner is 11 months old now. I trained him on my own for the first 8 months we had him and now we are in intermediate training at pet smart. I have been using training treats to train him this whole time without weaning him off the treats. Is this really bad? I have just started trying to wean him off the treats this pass day. Should I do this slowly? If so how slow? He has been great with training and listens to me well. I just want to make sure he respects me and wants to follow my commands, not just listen because he wants a treat.

    Also I am having a problem on walks now where he constantly lays downs on the grass. Is this common? It usually happens towards the middle/end of our walk, or if he finds a very lush area of grass. Is this a behavioral issue or just an issue of being tired? Usually if he does this I use the command "up" and if he does not listen I place a treat far away from him and tell him to "take it" and he gets up. Then I make him walk to another area of grass and allow him to lay down and rest after I give him permission. Is this the right way to handle the situation?
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    our Berner puppy started Pet Smarts Beginning at 4 months old (not the puppy one because she already new everything for the puppy class). Half way through the class, 3 weeks into it, they had us tapper off on the treat by the 6th week she would do all the commands with no treats just verbal praise. The commands were: sit, down, stand, stay, come, roll over, drop it and leave it, along with loose lease walking, and meet and greet. She is now 6 months old and is in the intermediate class. We just had our first class last night and they taught: side (the go to your left side and sit, in order to get ready for the heal), then of course the heal, finally the sit with distractions. These were all done with a treat for a reward. Im sure half way through the intermediate they will once again have use tapper off with the end being only variable rewards. So yes you should be doing no treats but variable on commands he knows add treats for new commands while learning once learned you tapper off.
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    My berner start at 8 months,the important need to do is understand how the dog learns the best, and work with him that way.

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