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    Hello, I am a little confused with choosing the correct food for my 11 week old Berner. At present I am feeding him Royal Canin giant puppy food which has a protein percentage of 34% but have heard that this is too high for a puppy. Could any one give advice please regarding which type of food would be best and whether it is best to put him on either a different type of Royal Canin or anything else? Much appreciated
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    Hi there,
    Our pup is 10 months old now and developing wonderfully thanks to a load of research we did early on. Large breed puppies do have different nutritional requirements than other pups as they grow larger faster. Protein levels should be between 18-26 %, so it sounds like the RC is quite high. You also have to be mindful of calcium and phosphorus ratios, which I'm sorry I can't find my notes to give you the exact numbers, but I think a max of about 1.5 % or so. There are some good choices for dry food out there for large breed pups. We are on Acana Duck and Bartlett pear, their large breed pup formula is not available in the U.S. but since I liked the company I emailed them to see if any of their formulas were appropriate for our boy's needs, we also had the added need of a limited ingredient food as we had gone several rounds with Giardia early on and because of that went through a few different foods till we found one he could tolerate. We've stayed on the food because he's done so well with it, and I am happy to report he has fully recovered and his tummy is fine. Acana shared with me 3 choices of foods that had the appropriate nutritional profiles for large breed pups, the others were, "pacifica" and "Wild Prairie".
    There are quite a few food posts on Bernertalk, you may want to browse some of the discussions that have been posted as well. You'll find some good info as well as personal experiences and choices other pup owners have made which may help you better choose. It comes down to finding a company you can feel comfortable with, finding a food with the proper nutrition AND a food that your pup likes and does well on. Remember when switching foods, the transition must be made quite slowly. Gradually up the percentage of new food to old over about 7-10 days as not to upset the tummy.
    I hope that's helpful for you!
    Best wishes!!
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    Many thanks for your post, that was very helpful:)
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    Studies have shown that higher protein levels in food have no effects on the growth of puppies (large breed puppies included). It used to be thought that high protein was bad for the growing bones and joints of puppies but we now know this is not true. The most important thing is the mineral amount, more specifically, the calcium and phosphorus. Large breed puppies need a lower Ca level than do small breed puppies or adult dogs because large breed puppies cannot regulate their calcium uptake and extra calcium goes straight to making the bones grow at too fast of a rate. Large breed puppies should be getting a max of 500mg of calcium per kg of body weight per day. This means that not only should you feed a food lower in Ca but you should be sure not to over feed as that extra Ca in excess food can cause growth problems. Making sure you pup grows slowly is as important as the type of food you feed. Berner puppies should gain, on average 2-2.5 pounds a week or about 10 pounds per month.
    Here is a good article on feeding large breed puppies:
    http://www.lgd.org/library/Optimal feeding of large breed puppies.pdf
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    Thanks for sharing such a great useful post ...
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    Royal Canin Giant Junior is the best suitable food for your berner and you can feed him that food at least 18 months berner.
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