Puppy Separation Anxiety

Discussion in 'First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions' started by RiverP, Jan 10, 2016.

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    Hi there!

    I'm a first time Berner owner, and my lil gal River is almost four months old. We are having some trouble with leaving her alone, and training her to be by herself. At the moment, whenever I put her outside, no matter what she has outside with her whether it's toys, treats, music, or how long it is, she just barks and cries and tries to jump on the door to get my attention. At the moment I'm home most of the time, so her being inside isn't a problem, but when I go back to university there will be a few days a week when she will be alone for up to 5-6 hours and I'm worried that she's just going to bark and cry and jump up on the door all day while I'm' gone.

    Does anyone have any advice on how to get her used to being home alone?

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    I don't know about your dog, but my puppy will really only whine vigorously when he knows we're around to hear. When we crate him or put him in his pen to go out, he'll cry and yelp for a bit, but by the time we get back he's sitting fairly contentedly.

    Do you have any way of telling whether she'll calm down once you're actually gone? We tested this out before putting him alone for the first time by leaving him in his pen and leaving the house, but leaving a window open so we could hear. He cried for a few minutes, but soon we could hear he was just chewing on a toy.

    Maybe you could set up a webcam facing the door or something (just once) to see if she will keep it up.
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    He might have separation anxiety or he might be lonely. Maybe if it gets worse consider getting him a housemate to keep him company.
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    I have a female who is 4 she broke her foot at 9 weeks when I tried crate training. Then she wouldn't stay in the laundry room with a gate when we had to leave or sleep. The only way she would be happy is if she slept on my pillow. At 1-1/5 she was left alone outside and she ripped up all the drip systems in the yard and the plants. At 2 she ripped all the screens off my new house. We tried different crates of I was going to be gone long cus she was still a little destructive but not much I did that two days two different crates she tore the metal off She finall brok 2 windows trying to get in once. Exhausting but we just keep her in the house. We NEVER put her behind a closed door. Except hotels she does good there. NEVER outside by herself. And if she wants to get to me she will haha. It's just the way she is and I love her. A struggle at first. My male is 10 and was NEVER cratable but much calmer. Very good dogs in the house tho so as soon as they are out of that chewy stage they are great!

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