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    Hello All

    We have a 6 1/2 month old who is currently on a high quality kibble dog food. He eats twice a daw and gets 2 cups each meal. I have been reading a lot about the benefits and concerns about raw diets. I don't want to change his diet while he is under a year however, I'm wondering if anyone has experience with raw diets and can pass on any knowledge with raw diets.

    Thanks for your help!
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    I'm looking at putting my new pup on a raw diet. I may just add rabbits to my farm for this purpose. I'll let you know how it goes.
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    I feed all my dogs raw. I use eureka and swear by it. I have a gsd and now my Berner. They love it and are the picture of health. Will never go back to kibble.
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    Why don't you want to change the food within the first year? Raw diets are golden standard and the sooner they get onto it the better! The critics that say it's not safe have a point but it's only unsafe if you don't follow the same rules as with the raw food you eat. You would never leave raw food out for more than an hour, you would sanitize the utensils and surface areas used, etc. So put your pup on raw if it is at all a consideration for you!! We did the switch from kibble to raw the day we brought her home and we always get comments on her silky fur and my vet says she couldn't be healthier. I am not one to judge or push whether you feed kibble or raw but if you are even considering raw, just try it and you will see increase in energy levels, decrease in nibbling/licking, lovely fur.
    We started buying commercial raw. Then as she grew and cost became an issue, we order from a local farm. There is homework to be done on ensuring they get a balanced meal but it's not rocket science and if you do have questions please feel free to ask me!!
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    When she was young I fed her as much and as often as she wanted... I was met with criticism, not here but everywhere else. I have to say the criticism turned me into a Nervous Nelly. After trying numerous brands, I switched her to Nature's Variety Raw Lamb because I wanted to do the right thing for her and her health. I followed the recommended amounts and feeding times and she lost 7 pounds. She did not need to loose
    weight. Now I am back to feeding her whatever she wants whenever she wants and we are all happier. She likes to eat when we eat, we are a family. I feed her Nutra Lamb and Rice Large Bread, and she likes the Nature's Variety Raw Lamb. I am back to de-boning rotisserie chickens for her at least ounce a week. And yes, Prime Rib on Saturdays because that's what I like to eat and it is our weekend splurge family tradition. She also likes grilled chicken and rice, ground beef and rice with carrots and peas. She likes pasta too. Baked potatoes with a little cheese and a little bacon. There is always kibble in her bowl, I change her water several times a day. We are active. She is unusually tall at 26", she weighs 107 pounds again. I guess my point is, we all want what is best for our dogs and it may take some time to find out what works for us and our dogs. I have also discovered that she has a palate too. She tried every flavor of Nature's Variety Raw and only liked the Lamb and sometimes the rabbit. Yes. Yes. Yes.... I have heard people tell me if she gets hungry enough she will eat anything... and that is true with any creature. But, do I really want to force my dog to eat something she does not like because she is starving? Eating is pleasurable for me, I assume it is pleasurable for her as well. What I have learned about her is she has the ability to desern. I see that she has chosen favorite toys, and favorite places to sleep. And believe that she prefers certain foods too. What works for one dog, may not work for another. It may take time to learn what your dog likes and to also discover how much and how often feeding should be. I know it took time for us.
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    For what it's worth I've been feeding my dogs a raw diet for a few years now and I've definitely noticed some improvements in their temperaments and coats. I'm a huge fan of Love Your Pet foods (www.loveyourpetbakery.com) because they ship pre-packaged and frozen so I don't have to worry about going to the store and making sure I'm getting all of the parts necessary for my dog. Everything my guys need comes right in the package!

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