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    So my gorgeous sweet little Lexi CHOOSES to not recall the recall when she is in the yard. Lol
    I know how to train the recall and she knows what "come" means and she is not busy when I call her she is laying on the lawn looking at me. I can not motivate her with food because she has a sensitive stomach. I can not motivate her with play since she still does not get her lazy little butt up. I am a little upset now because I keep training and training but this recall when ahe is in the yard is just soooo aweful. I practice it a lot and give her lots of praise but she seems to be playing with my patience now. She is almost 6 months and I simply want her to come when I call her. Pleaaase tell me this is a phase and all this training will pay off at some point because I just need the encouragement. I will continue to train but do your berners act like they CHOOSE not to follow a given command?
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    Our trainer had us start the come command with the clicker and we were to have one special treat that she only gets with the clicker. It is a treat that they call Bore Bacon. It smells just like bacon and she does anything for that treat. After two weeks we removed the clicker and just did the hand sign but she was also given a different type of treat. Now, Sierra is just a little over 10 months, if she is so distracted that she will not listen I will use the clicker with her special treat. I maybe only use the clicker once a month and most of the time it is just a reminder. The clicker per the trainer is really for emergencies to get your dog to come when it is really important to come. Sierra has always loved to come to us she will even come and sit at our side. She loves it when I tell her she is a "good girl" and rub her chest right under her collar. All I can say is keep working with her, she will mature and listen more but then she may also decide she knows best as she gets older. (That's when the clicker comes in.)
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